Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Bits & Pieces

#1: For those who wanted the t-shirt leggings tutorial....I'm still planning on doing it. I've been working on making some. I just need to finish them up and write about it.  Sorry!

#2: I received some exciting news last week (in case you didn't see me post about it on facebook)....I got an email from an editor at Family Fun. They want to buy one of my craft ideas and they're sending a contract! Awesome, right? I'm quite excited about that. And they pay really really good. So, if you're crafty you should look into submitting ideas to them. 

#3: I'm off to St. George today to shop and talk and laugh and eat lunch with my Mom who is the most amazing and best mom in the whole universe. I am Really Excited.

#4: I'm thinking of signing up for the Butch Cassidy 5k Fun Run near Zion National Park next month. I don't know. I want to. But I don't want to wake up super early to get over there in time to do it. I am Not a morning person.

#5: Saturday night, while watching a Dr. Who rerun and the beginning of a 70's show called The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, I ran 3 1/4 miles. Wow, right? I still can't believe I did that. And it felt so good! But it's on a treadmill. I need to try running outside and see how far I can go. That will be harder. blech.


I love Dr. Who. Love it. With the fire of a million flames. 

As for The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Well, it wasn't AS enjoyable. But I did love that it was a very Serious show with Serious problems and the characters said things like, "It is just a stepping stone toward their goal of World Domination." ha! So great. 

#6: I'm thinking of doing some giveaways on my blog. Maybe some books? Or some crafty stuff? Hmmmm, I don't know. Stay tuned. 

#7: I want this skirt.... 

 Pinned Image

#8: My kids have been enjoying Robert Sabuda's site and his free printables to make your own pop-up cards. So cool, right? 

#9: We watched Rio the other night and loved it. Although I wish they hadn't put the chickadee and her beau in the scanty carnival outfit there at the end. BUT the show made me want to visit Rio someday. And I wonder if the Rio Tourist Industry helped fund the movie? If so, smart move.

Pinned Image
#10: My cute friend, Sundi has been having loads of fun with spray paint. And she even posted a tutorial for spray painting shoes.  Ack! These shoes are the cutest things! (and check out that skirt and the t-shirt leggings, too!) That is one talented chickadee. 

spray painted shoes tutorial

#11: I just bought these patterns from ebay for My Friend dolls. Did anyone else play with those as a little girl? I loved mine! And still have them.  I'm thinking about giving one to Zoe for Christmas? Maybe her next birthday? And making loads of clothes. Now if I can just figure out where I misplaced all the extra time I'll need....

#12: I have a confession to make. I broke my Fabric Block. Yep. There was a rummage sale at the Presbyterian church. And I bought a whole slew of knit shirts for upcycling. *sigh* I'm so weak.

Have a Happy Monday! 

I'm off to shop 'til my wee girls drop!


  1. So fun to read your happenings! How fun to go shopping with your mom - and it looks like a beautiful day for it. As for running - way to go! You should definitely do the 5K, it's worth the early morning start time and there is a certain vibe among runners. BTW, I think it is much easier to run outside than on a treadmill, so you should be set. I can see that your ambition outweighs your time allotment, but maybe in shifts it is possible. Take care!

  2. You're a very busy woman. The picture of Rio reminds me of my first sight of it from a plane before we landed for a two hour layover there on a 36 hour flight to my mission in Paraguay. We flew all night and I woke up in the morning to see a very similar sight to your picture.

  3. NO! I DID NOT have a "friend doll"! No fair! I must have had a really screwed up childhood!! ;) Thanks for linking me! You've got lots of fun things going on this week. I am jealous that you're in St. George! Oh and P.S. Are you friends with Joy Sterantino? You guys have freakishly lots in common! Doctor Who, posting random steampunk photos and writing. I keep meaning to ask you that.

  4. Ack---so much to say---congrats on the family fun gig. I LOVE that magazine. It was time to break the fabric block. St. George is one of our favorite weekend get away spots. and I want that white skirt as well.