About Me (blah blah blah)

Erin has played many roles throughout her lifetime but currently stars in a comedy entitled Her Absolutely Nutty and Insane Life. She plays the part of Crazy Momma to five monkeys (soon to be 6!) and Wife to a handsome cowboy with a great smile.

Other roles she often takes on are Disheveled Writer of Middle Grade Fantasy Novels, Optimistic Dreamer who Thinks She Can Accomplish Everything, Scatter-Brained Contributor to Family Fun Magazine, Buyer of Mass Quantities of Toilet Paper (really? how can we be out again?) and Midnight Crafter.

We're Crafty Ninjas, sent to fight the clutter in my sewing room, but....failing. Completely.

Check out my purple and brown-striped socks.
Yep. I'm so cool. 
When hoping to catch a glimpse of this lesser known actress, stalk thrift stores, the library and, of course, the toilet paper aisle at Wal-mart.

This was taken at Chautaqua a few years ago with Judy Burke, the managing editor of Highlights.
If it isn't obvious, we were having LOADS of fun!