Thursday, September 22, 2011

Enough is ENOUGH!


I buy too much fabric. TOO much. And if you saw how much is stashed in my sewing room. And in piles on my ironing board. And in boxes in my would freak.

I enjoyed the fabric sale yesterday at Jo-ann's with my friend *Sundi. And I didn't think I was buying too much. It was all on sale. I got a bit of this. And some of that. And a couple yards of this other that was 1/2 off! And then I grabbed a cone of black serger thread and some buttons and I even had coupons for those, too.

But  when it was all rung up....sheesh! Well, let's just say it added up. And it's not like it was a huge amount, but....I didn't really need any of it. It was just fun to go shopping for crafty stuff.

So, I'm making a choice. A stand. (I seem to be doing a lot of these lately)

No More.

No more fabric, buttons, thread, etc. for....awhile.  How long? Mmmmm, I'm not sure. Let's say **6 months. Can I do that?  I'm going to try real real hard to shop from my stash. I don't really have the time to be crafty lately anyways, since I'm supposed to be focusing on the novel.

(yep. I could probably open one of these will all my fabric. Although
I don't forsee it being quite this organized.)

But, it's so weird. I find that if I go too long without sewing something or hot gluing something or just making something (you'd think a mess could qualify. I make enough of those in a day).....I start to get itchy. My need to create gets all backed up and feels like it's going to explode or I'm going to puke it up all over and neither options sound like they'll turn out real well. And apparently, creating a fantasy world in my novel isn't quite enough.

I need tangible creativity.

But I need it without shopping for more supplies.

So, let it begin. This is a big resolution. I'm even outlawing no new fabric from thrift store finds (eek! I know.) I'm calling this my... (wait for it.)

Fabric Block

(Mine looks more like this. Multiplied Or 30?
And with other things mixed in like....legos, polly pocket parts and pipe cleaners. With a
random toothbrush thrown in for good measure.)

If you find me in the craft section at the store, please steer me towards the diapers or cereal. We always need more of those. 

*Sundi, I do not blame you for my lack of self-control in the crafty shopping department in any way. I had loads of fun with you. I'm glad I came. And if there are ever huge sales like this again, please invite me along. It's fun to "craft talk" with you. I will simply cheer on your purchases. And maybe suggest you buy me a few things. 

**This is void in the case of fabric or supply need emergencies. You may be wondering what qualifies as an emergency. Don't worry I'll know it when I see the fabric. I'll know when I get to the if I'm making something for one of them for Christmas and I don't have something important for the project.  Wow. Can I do this? I sure hope seemed like such a great idea late last night....


  1. Ha ha Maybe you should only do it for a couple months - then you could buy what you need for Christmas. :) I have an idea to help you with your fabric stash - let me come shopping for fabric at your house! Then it would help fund new projects.

  2. I'm about to the same point. We just turned the craft room into a bedroom, so my boxes and drawers of fabric have been stashed in various closets throughout the house. I've got to start sewing it up and moving it out. Then, maybe I could fit a sewing station somewhere in a shared room! Back to Pinterest for ideas.

  3. A tooth brush for good measure? HA! HA!! That is soooo me! Seriously what's with the tooth brushes? I have some god ideas for u on how to keep this "fabric block"up. Since I'm commenting from my phone and we've established that I'm a phonetard I'll have to get u those details later ;) thanks for the chuckles!