Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day #5: Jasper Revision

I'm up to page 34.

Here's my sentences: 

“Meet Ferno, Blaze and Hotpot." Kass nuzzled the creatures against his stubbly cheek.
Velvet's knees shook. Her face, already pale, turned even whiter.  

Ooooooh, I love creating strange and unusual creatures for my stories. Which leads me to ask...

Random Question of the Day: What are your favorite parts to write in your novels or stories?


  1. How fun! Those creatures do sound strange and unusual :)

    My favorite part is creating the mood... it's what I aim for... choosing the perfect words to create feeling...

    Interesting how different we all tick! I know I'm trying to learn how to focus more on character, and make them more real. ;)

  2. My favourite parts to write are the scenes that first popped into my head before I started writing. They're usually near the end so I have to wait to get there which makes it even better!