Friday, July 6, 2012

Day #4: Jasper Revision

I was excited to work on a certain scene today.

Until I realized I lost the last bit I wrote last night *cue sick stomach*  So, I had to spend most of my writing time remembering what I'd come up with in the foggy writing haze I was in at sometime past midnight. 

But then I got to the fun part where my main character, Jasper gets a glimpse of the girl who'll be thrown into the Great Adventure with him. Not only does he have his own Mighty Important Task to complete, but he's going to have to break her curse and get her to trust him. These will not be easy things to accomplish. 

Which makes them even more deliciously fun.

"What kind of name was Velvet? Jasper figured it made sense though. A strange name for an equally strange girl."

Random Question Time: What are you reading? I'm currently devouring the Secret of Zoom, which I adore. Great setting, fun mystery, interesting characters. 


  1. That's happened to me so many times, losing stuff. No matter how hopeless I feel when I experience it, the rewritten pages always seem stronger than the lost parts. Good luck with your revisions!
    I'm reading Moon Over Manifest now. I'm marveling at how the author has crafted the setting of this book. So many sensory details!

  2. I've lost stuff enough that now I'm that paranoid writer who backs up after every writing session (so worth it, though, because my hazy writing brain is like a sieve).

    RIght now, I'm reading My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick. So far, it's fabulous!