Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day #8: Jasper Revision

I had an epiphany for the beginning of Jasper today. I got daydreaming about what the beginning of my book would be like if it were a movie. And I pictured something more intense, more gripping than it was before. I upped the tension. And I love it.

I'm up to page 45. I would be farther along, but yesterday I rewrote and rewrote and rewrote the same scene over and over again. I worked on it a bit more today. And I think it's just good enough to move along this time. I know I'm going to have to do another revision after this. This is more of a "Get Everything in the Proper Order, Put in the Foreshadowing of This Bad Character or This Plot Twist and Make sure Jasper Gets all the Tools he Needs for the Climax Throughout the Adventure" type of revision.


The last time Jasper checked he wasn’t in the habit of wearing pointy black hats, flying on a broomstick or casting evil spells. And then there was the fact that he wasn't a girl. A minor detail. But, sure, that was the sort of thing easily mistaken. By crazy people.

“You’re nuts,” he told the old man.  

Random Question of the Day: What is something yummy you've baked, cooked, sauteed or grilled lately? I'm tired of all my standby recipes. I want to make something new, throw caution to the wind and experiment. Yes, my family should be scared. 


  1. Last night I made with noodles and chicken. SO good and so easy! Double the recipe and it's just right for an entire box of noodles. Tasty Kitchen has lots of good recipes. My cousin's wife and her sisters have a blog with lots of good recipes too. I go there a lot for stuff.

  2. I have made banana muffins :) Yum. go to because we always post yummy food on there (okay, not always, but we try!)