Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day #7: Jasper Revision

I'm knackered.

Long day. 

Running.Lake. Pizza. Birthday party. Loads of teens (I can't believe my oldest is now one of those.) Sunburn. Grocery Shopping. Writing. Pushing girls on swings. Giving girls baths. Playing dollhouse with girls (and even one of the boys!) Ignoring the piles of dirty dishes. Bedtime. And then, more writing. 

I'm not sure if I'll keep the sentences I'm sharing today. But I'm tired. And this is proving to be a tough scene. This is where my Jasper has to commit to the adventure. I need him to make a big decision. And I'm not feeling like he's motivated enough. Also, do I want him to still be questioning what he's been told or super excited about it? Not totally sure.

Anyhoo, here they are...

The logical part of Jasper’s brain told him the Creepy Hood Guy was insane, that there was no way what the old man said could be true. Then why did Jasper feel as if his chest would burst open any minute, spraying confetti across the room? 

Random Question of the Day: Do you have a theme song? I think mine should be this....

And not because I really can be everything, but I sure drive myself nuts trying to accomplish it! 


  1. THANK YOU. I seriously have been wondering what that excellent song on the Disney Blu-Ray commercials was for a year.

  2. Ha ha. That song's very fitting, but you are doing the most important things like pushing girls on swings and playing dollhouse with girls.