Friday, July 6, 2012

Day #3: Jasper Revision (& a random door question)

Oh! It's so fun to be writing again. And while I'm calling this a revision, the fact is that I have to do a whole lot of "from scratch" writing, too. There are giant chunks I have to change. Some things have become so concrete in my brain that I thought I had changed them already and I am quite surprised to find I have not.

I'm up to page 26 and am working on chapter 3. 

Alrighty, here's a random question, what do you call these kind of doors?

Turning doors, right? But I wasn't sure if they  have another name. Anyone know? It just seems that if you wrote Turning Door that this kind of door might not be what people would picture.

Is someone out there some kind of Door Expert? Door Genius? A Professor of Doors, perhaps? Hmmmm?

If so, please share your very important Door Knowledge with me, the Door Idiot.

Now for my sentences...

"All of this combined to give Jasper one idea. 
It was time to hide."


  1. I like reading your sentences. I thought revolving also.

  2. I'd call 'em revolving. But turning works for me, too. The same image comes to mind for either! Have fun with the revisions!