Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Essential

T.A. Baron. Wow. He is quite the guy. Brilliant, funny, charming and  a great smile. And then, of course,...he's a fabulous writer, too! I had the pleasure of meeting him at WIFYR years ago. 

Hmmmm, maybe I can come up with them...

#1: Spend loads of time on Pinterest
#2: Keep a steady supply of peanut M&M's and warm buttered popcorn nearby at all times. 
#3: Stay up until three in the morning scrambling to polish up your last chapter for your critique group the next day. 

What do you think? These are the rules, right? 

If not...well, then....I should probably try a different tactic...

Your turn. What do you think the three rules for writing a novel are?


  1. Stay true to voice has got to be one.

  2. LOL! Yes, those are exactly the right rules, though my staple snack are goldfish. Not the fishy fish kind but the cracker kind ;)

  3. 1. If you find a writing rule, break it.

    2. Chocolate.

    3. There are no rules.

  4. Three rules for writing a novel? Hmmm... how about:

    1) Finish the novel.
    2) Don't query the first draft, even if you love it.
    3) Edit. Edit. Edit. Edit. Eat chocolate. Drink tea. Edit. And edit some more.

    Mmmm... I left out beta readers, and therapy to deal with rejection, and... :)

  5. 1. Know everything.
    2. Don't write everything you know.
    3. But write what you know.


    Hmm... it needs some work.

  6. 1. Write what you love.
    2. Rewrite until you love what you wrote.
    3. Give others the chance to love it too.

  7. Hmm. How about:

    1. Write
    2. Rewrite
    3. Repeat