Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Fiction

Another one from T.A. Baron....

It's interesting to think of fiction like that. 

Years and years ago, after I finished reading fantasy series I really enjoyed (I don't remember what it was), I lay in bed, in that halfway spot between awake and asleep, and I imagined what it would be like to have the magical powers the heroine of the story had. I imagined if it were me. The magic system had something to do with was really cool and I loved it. 

Now I wish that instead of just imagining it, I would have started writing it. I mean, not a book just like the one I read, but something that was mine, in a world that I created. 

It only took me another 6 years to figure out who I wanted to be. And how much fun it is to create my own worlds and my own magic system and creatures and villains and chaos. 

I love it. 


  1. I love that quote by T.A. Baron!

    And isn't it great how we can all create the world we want and not step on each other's toes while doing it? ;)

  2. While it may have taken you six years, at least it didn't take 12. Great post - keep writing :)