Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dialogue

At Writing for Charity, a writer asked a question that went something like...

"What if you have a great idea and people tell you it's just like {insert popular book or movie title}. What do you do? Do you still write it?"

I loved Matthew Kirby's response (I also love his book, The Clockwork Three)....

And I don't think this necessarily means you scratch your story about the boy who goes to magic school or the WIP with a girl having to fight for her life through a crazy messed-up game or your idea about sparkly vampires (er...well...on second thought....) but it does need to be different. 

We've all heard the saying, "There aren't any new ideas, just new ways of looking at them." And that's what you have to do. Find a new way to spin your idea. Really make it different. Set it apart from the crowd.

And this might even still be possible with vampires....maybe? Vampire ballerinas? Vampire clowns? Hmmmm....oooh...maybe you smoosh all three of those idea together....a school where people learn how to be a vampire and also compete in a bloody battle to the death. AND they're clowns. Yep. That's a bestseller right there. 

Anyone else want to take a crack at the Come Up With a Crazy New Vampire Idea for a Book?


  1. Writing a vampire novel would suck the life right out of me. Of course, I've never read about a vampire that needed dentures.

  2. I would love to write a vampire book, but I would take it back to real know, killing people and running from garlic/holy water (oh man, I love vampires! That's practically a new idea these days...and vampire ballerinas? I would so read that.

  3. And Matthew Kirby definitely added something new to the conversation. I loved his book - and I'd never read anything quite exactly like it.

  4. Vampire turns into the person whose blood he sucked and then lives backwards until he's a fetus, like Benjamin Button meets Elsewhere.

    Now let me go write it, quick, and make a million clams! :P

  5. I think you should write that clown, vampire book. it would definitely be different! Ha ha. How about a defanged vampire trying to find a new identity and purpose in life other than sucking blood? How would he/she survive?

  6. I must... interesting concept for a story. Vampires are fun to write about and there is so much you can do to them. hehehe

  7. I actually had to do this for my Young Adult Lit class. The topic was plot twists, and we began with a vampire and then had to make Girl Scout cookies our plot twist. This is approximately what my group came up with.

    Our vampire was a immigrant Russian babushka from the 1900's who had been turned into a vampire. Now immortal, she had to watch all her children and grandchildren die. She was terrified of being exposed as a vampire and wanted more than anything to become human/mortal again. She was now living as a normal grandmotherly woman who babysat a little kid. Her world revolved around that child, who was like her own child to her.

    Enter the plot twist. There was a batch of Girl Scout cookies that had salmonella or some other bacteria-type thing that was killing people. The catch? Turns out it also turns vampires back into mortals.

    We then went for the sad ending (grandma vampire turns human, kid eats the cookies and dies, she could have saved him if a vampire, etc) but I'm thinking that there are other places this could go.

    Mostly I just liked the idea of a Russian babushka as a vampire. :-)