Monday, July 25, 2011

Picture Book and Young Adult Novel Writing Workshop


Writing Workshop with Rick Walton and Mette Ivie Harrison

October 15th, 9-5 p.m.
Library in the Park
Cedar City, Utah


If you want to...
whip your novel or picture book into shape,
learn about the children's writing industry,
recieve professional feedback on what you're getting right and what you're having trouble with,
hang out with like-minded writers who are also trying to conquer the writing beast,
discover what it takes to make it in the children's writing world,
learn about marketing your manuscript,
and rub shoulders with two bestselling authors (who are funny, brilliant and highly enjoyable) in an intimate and casual setting,
then this workshop is for you.

Faculty: Picture Book Workshop: Rick Walton is the author of 80 books for kids including several best-selling picture books. He works with a wide range of publishers, is friends with a number of agents and is widely known as the godfather children's writing community in Utah. Rick also teaches a picture book writing class and a children's publishing industry class at BYU.

Novel Workshop: Mette Ivie Harrison is the author of several best-selling novels, including Mira Mirror, The Princess and the Hound, The Princess and the Bear.  And coming this fall, The Princess and the Snowbird and Tris and Izzie. She has a PHD from Princeton. She's raced in three Ironman competitions and she is one of the smartest and hardest working writers on the planet. Mette publishes with Viking, Harper Collins, and Egmont.
Multiple copies of the first ten pages of your novel or a picture book manuscript.

9:00-10:00--Introduction to writing for children and teens.
10:00 Break into picture book and novel groups. Discuss what makes a good and bad picture book and novel. Critiquing of manuscripts.
12:00 Lunch at the Pastry Pub while chatting about writing for children, at your own expense.
1:00 More critiquing
3:00 Back together to discuss marketing and to help you develop a plan to sell your manuscript.
5:00 Go home and write!

Register by emailing me at erinshakespear at bresnan dot net.  Also please specify whether you're signing up for Rick or Mette's class.

Cost: Early Bird Tuition, no later than August 31: $59, Regular Tuition: $69 
Register soon, as space is limited.


  1. I'm coming!! What a brilliant idea. Can't wait!!


  2. This sounds fun. I'm scanning all sorts of calendars and will get back with you.

  3. This sounds like the best workshop. I'd love to go.