Monday, August 1, 2011

*Gasp* I can't breathe...

Yes.  I've taken up running. 

Well, that is....I've taken up walking and then jogging and then feeling like I want to collapse and then back to walking again.  So. No, I'm not quite a runner, yet.

I had my 15 year high school reunion a couple weekends ago. 

And, no, the shock of being old enough to have a 15 year high school reunion is not what prompted me to take up, I mean walking/jogging. 

Hey, look almost half our class showed up!

No, it was this friend...

 Ruth.  Oh, how I love this girl.  She was one of my very best friends in high school. She is such a fun and awesome person. I have such great memories of sleepovers, getting ready for dances, talking about the boys we adored (we were very boy crazy) and crazy times like sledding in our jammies.  Good times. 

And even though she only lives about 40 minutes from me currently, I hardly ever see her!  So, it was great to catch up.  And in the course of the conversation, I learned she is really into running.  She runs half-marathons.  Wow.  That's crazy cool.  I have other friends who are very athletic, like my amazing friend, Chanda, who is a triathete, but for what ever reason, talking to this friend this weekend really inspired me. 

I want to be strong enough to do that. 

Ruth told me about a program called The Couch to 5K Running Plan. And I'm proud to say I started the plan with my handsome cowboy the week right after the reunion. I am currently in week 2. And I feel so great!  It's hard, but so far, I love it. 

It seems impossible to imagine I could ever do a half-marathon, let alone a 5K though.

But hopefully I'll surprise myself.

What a silly group, eh?  We sure had some great times.  Sure, big schools
areprobably fun, but there is definitely something special
about goingto a small school. 


  1. You can definitely do it, Erin! I started out of the blue and I still admit that I am defying nature, but the benefits are great. I am a firm advocate of interval training by walking/jogging - it is great for your lungs and endurance. I am preparing for my 4th half marathon at the end of the month and I only ran when I was a kid! Take it as a great personal accomplishment and enjoy the ride! Keep up the great work!

  2. I am sooo proud of you!! Finally, I can inspire you after all this time that I have been envious of ALL your talents!! I am super impressed that you went home and started right into the program!! AWESOME!! You will do great!! Don't give up... YOU CAN DO IT!! And, I will definitely be contacting you when I go to Cedar, so much so that you will be sick of me because I go to Cedar all.the.time!! (Especially because Christmas is coming up and I need to sew something really cute!!) Thanks again for the awesome post...YOU ROCK!!

  3. That's awesome! I'd love to start on something like that. That's great that you have your handsome cowboy to go running with you! (Maybe I can convince Jared that we need to do that....if only we knew what to do with the kids. :))

  4. I am so excited for you. This is GREAT! YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!! And, you ARE doing it! Just one day, one work-out at a time.