Friday, July 13, 2012

Day #10: Jasper Revision

Huzzah! I'm up to page 50!

Sometimes I make crazy goals, like...

I will revise a chapter a day.
Ten pages a day. 
I will revise the whole book in a month. 
I will do the dishes today and finish the laundry. 

See? Crazy goals. 

And then when I realize I can't accomplish them, I just give up. I find my focus shifting to something else. Sometimes for weeks and weeks at at time! (well...not the laundry one. Apparently people around here don't like to wear the same underwear for two weeks. Such divas.) And then instead of accomplishing my lofty goals, I've done nothing (besides the laundry). 

So, my only goal for now is to work on this revision for an hour a day. Sometimes it's a half hour here and then another half hour later. Sometimes I get sucked in and two hours later I remember to take the ear plugs out and talk to my children. 

But I find the idea of making more concrete goals creeping up on me. Like ninjas. Evil Oppressive Goal Ninjas who are trying to sneak up on me as I go about my day.  They want me to look at how many pages I have left and the time in which I want to accomplish this revision. Then they want me to divide all this up and set a Big and Massive Goal. 


I need to stay strong. And keep at my simple goal. Slow and steady won the race, right? 

Here's my sentences: (BTW, totally didn't see this coming until I wrote the scene.)

“Cut it off,” Kass ordered.

Holt nodded. He found scissors in Matron’s desk and began hacking Velvet’s hair off above her shoulders. Jasper waited for the girl to protest or to scream. Anything. The scissors made a terrible sound as they sawed through her black waves. The thick strands of hair fell to the ground, piling up on the faded pink carpet. And Velvet stared at her feet. 

Random Question of the Day: Are you a goal setter? Do you set time goals? Page goals? Do you stick with them? Or do you get overwhelmed and have to set new and smaller goals? 

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  1. I usuaully set a goal at the beginning of the day, like "I will finish this chapter!" And then, five hours of Pinterest and naps later, I set a new goal of "I will finish ten sentences!" So yeah, you could say I get overwhelmed, haha :)