Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for M Factor, Moment and Mother

Alright, so yesterday...that whole Focus-On-What-You-Love thing? Yeah, I need to do more of that. So, I'm not going to be doing as many of the cute little buttons with quotes. I will still be sharing quotes though.

Today I have a random collection of 'em...

"Don't forget the M Factor. Can they Market your book to Make Money?" -Melanie Cecka (Bloomsbury)

That's something to think about. You might think your book is absolutely fantastic. But you really need to think about this...will it sell? Will people want to fork out money for it? Do you think you would fork out money for it if you saw it sitting on the bookstore shelf?

"Begin at the moment of impact." -Richard Peck

Here it is again. Immediacy. Moment of impact. Start with a bang.

The Awesome Richard Peck continued with, "Starting with dialog is a good way. Or something arresting. Put color on the first page. Shock them."

Richard Peck
Have you heard Richard Peck speak? Wow. He is some kind of Amazing. Seriously...I could be one of those '70's groupie girls who sits at his feet, like he was a long-haired commune leader. And I'd happily wait to hear the pearls of wisdom drop from his mouth. Yeah. He's that cool.

Not to mention....he's a brilliant writer as well!

"I had a mother who read to me. That's why I am here today." -Richard Peck

Oh, we mommas are so important, right? Read to your babies, read to your children, read to your teenagers. By any means necessary, turn your children into readers!


  1. So true - the reason I love words is because my mother gave them to me.

  2. Love, love, love Richard Peck! He led a weekend workshop I went to four years ago. It is still one of the highlights of my writing life thus far!

  3. Hello, Erin! I'm not a mom, but both my parents are readers and my siblings and I grew up with a love of books, too! I have six nieces and nephews and I'm the aunt who makes sure to buy a book for each birthday and Christmas. I have so much fun picking out books for them, and what makes it even better is reading books with them!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend and happy A to Z!!