Thursday, March 1, 2012

Want More People to Read Your Blog?

Today I'm over at the Utah Children's Writers blog with an interview with Darren Hansen, creator of inkPageant.    Check it out! (Please? And you could even leave me a comment if you wanted to make me feel all warm and fuzzy and well-loved. And you do, right? Right??)

In fact, that's where I'll be posting every Thursday. I'm excited to be involved with this great blog and its brilliant contributors. Check it out! (Yes. That is an order.)


  1. Very cool, I like inkpageant, had a couple blog posts posted there too. And.. for being so chuck full of good info, I gave you a shoutout/award on my blog today. Probably gotten it before, but that's what you get for being awesome. :)

  2. I'm leaving you a comment to make you feel all warm and fuzzy and well-loved. :)

  3. That is cool I've met Darren before and think Inkpageant was an awesome idea!