Monday, February 27, 2012

Yes. I'm Indecisive.

Would the real header for my blog please stand up?

I'm having trouble deciding what kind of header to go with.

So, who wants to chime in? 

#1: My previous header. (Meh. I like it. But it's not really's too...I don't know...stuffy?)

So, I tried some other things. I nixed the Shakespear's Stage theme. I think people might visit this space hoping to learn about Iambi Pentameter. I read David Power King's post about how your name is your brand about a week ago. So, I'm thinking I should go simple and stick with my name. 

#2: Dark Fantasy Header....yep. I think the dark colors say fantasy. But...well...yeah, still not very me. Although I can be pretty wicked. 

#3: Sweet Header...ok. I love these colors. They are fun and bright. But....well, yeah, still not me. Although, I'd like to point out that I am both Fun and Bright. 

#4: Green Whimsical Header....which is at the top up there. I'm leaning towards this one. But I don't know. Ryan thought the locked doors part sounded kind of mean. But...well, it's true. I do enjoy running away from the happy chaos at times and locking the door. Mmmmm, sweet peace. Even if it is interrupted at times by little fists trying to break the door down. 

ETA: I changed it to the dark one since everyone was leaning that way. I still need to change the font colors to match, but not right now. Busy day ahead. Blech. Maybe I should just pay someone to do this...

I wish I could make the green one less blurry. But, nope, I don't have a clue. Also, I don't know why it's longer than my original header. I don't know how to fix that either.

Alright, so...anyone? Thoughts? Feelings? It's time to discuss.And feel free to tell me you hate them all. No worries, I can take it.


  1. I think the black is easiest to see - read - etc. The green weirded out my eyes a little but if there were other contrasting colors on the blog, that might make it easier.

  2. I kind of like them all, in their own ways! I know that didn't help, so I'll pick my favorite. I like the black one. But I like the words on the green one! So could you mix the two! haha :)

  3. Okay, here's my input, Erin. None of them fit you entirely. I like aspects of them, like the typewriter keys and the shadow picture, and your saying on the green header (though I would change it to say "compulsive door locker" then it gives the repeating R on the end of the line). I don't know if these are pre-set headers that you can play with or if you design them yourself, but they're just not fun/whimsical enough for your personality. I'm not sure what else is available, but I vote none of the above. Keep looking and don't give up. That's my opinion. Regardless, I will still read your blog because it is amazing!


  4. We liked the black background - we thought it was easier to read. I liked your old header with the typewriter etc but understand your point for changing. I'd keep on of these for now and keep looking. I'll see if I have anything in my graphic files

  5. The new ones seemed far too busy and did not highlight your name. Perhaps a header that has your name front and center with some less competting images in the background?

  6. I also think the new headers are a little too busy and don't highlight your name well enough. That should be the focus of your header for sure. Keep trying it out. You'll get it. :)