Thursday, February 23, 2012

Look! I'm Famous...

I expect the news crew any minute.

That's right I have two craft ideas in Disney's Family Fun Magazine this month.

And they even used a picture of my cute son, Sam, modeling his own Pet Rock Monster Necklace. I told him he could take one of my copies of the magazine to show his class, but he said, "I'd be kind of embarrassed."

Wha? You don't want to show your class how awesomely awesome you are? Ok. Whatev.

ETA: He decided he wanted to show everyone. :)

They also used my idea for these fun and easy toilet paper tube robots...

Cute, right? 

I've been getting this magazine for years, people! And it didn't occur to me until about a year ago (that whole write what you know concept finally sunk in...however...this isn't really writing so much...) that I should try pitching ideas to them. These are the only two they've bought so far.  But they're holding on to...oh...about 7 (maybe more? I've lost count...) ideas for possible inclusion in future issues.

Alright, now I'm off to primp for my adoring craft fans (what? there's no such thing?? I've been robbed...)

Hmmmm, maybe I should just come up with more ideas to pitch to Family Fun intead....or work on my novel revision...


  1. What fun and adorable craft ideas! I want to make some and I am NOT very crafty - that's a good sign. I'll be one of your fans. Keep up the good work!


  2. Very, very creative! Mom and Dad are trying to figure out whose DNA this came from? We've always been your fan!

  3. That is awesome (although it doesn't surprise me) that your idea was published. You do such a great job with all those crafty things. Way to go, Erin!

  4. Nice. Great way to use up surplus rocks. :)

  5. I got my issue yesterday--I saw the rock necklaces and your name and it made me smile. I didn't realize you had *two* crafts though (maybe I don't read carefully enough). And hey, any publication counts, right?

  6. i'm a little obsessed with robots, and am in love with these. so adorable!!