Friday, February 3, 2012

FWOM Day #3

Yesterday I decided I'd whip the kitchen into shape.

I cleaned up a petrified mass of molasses from one cupboard. I sorted utensils. And tossed a lot of junk. I scrubbed shelves. And I shook my head at the sad state of our kitchen. Oy! It was pretty bad.

And the end result? Somehow I think I have a bigger mess than when I started...

Urgh. And I wanted to get the whole thing done in one day. Yep. I'm a crazy optimist.

You may be wondering why cleaning my  kitchen will help me get busy with my writing. What does it have to do with FWOM?'s like this...

I am really behind. In a lot of things...housework, piles, projects half done, etc. And because of all these things, it makes it hard for me to focus on my writing without feeling massive quantities of guilt. Guilt for all the things I'm behind on.

So, while I still spent time writing yesterday (finished revising a chapter...yay!), I also tried to spent a lot of time getting my kitchen in better order. Hopefully I can finish tidying it up today. And then what next? I have to go to Walmart. blech.

But! I'm also reading an excellent book. Want to hear about it? Sure you do!

Floors by Patrick Carman

Ok. This middle grade novel is such a fun read! It's quirky and funny and so suspenseful. I can't figure out what's going to happen. I love the old inventor who built a strange and wonderful hotel (but he's disappeared!), a curious boy who will do anything to solve the old inventor's wild puzzle and then there's the ducks and Remi and Ms. Sparks is such a great cranky character....I'm having such a good time reading this one.

So, how about you? Anyone else trying to Focus, Wrap Up and Organize? How's it coming? 


  1. Oh, in-depth cleaning! Good luck! O_o

    My FWOM is coming! I've almost got formatting and everything for my book wrapped up, and then it will be off to the printer for it. I sat down and started to read what I have of the second book yesterday, and wrote a little bit--and I've been so busy editing and formatting that I haven't really written anything in about two months, so that was awesome.

    (Also, that book looks super fun!)

  2. I am working on it. I started a few months ago, just finding ways to streamline my life.

    There is lots less TV as a result, and lots more writing. And I'm lots happier - win, win, win.

  3. LOL I can definitely sympathize with feeling like you have a bigger mess than when you started. I always seem to turn what think should be 1-day projects into weeklong chaos.

  4. I relate. Really. I have to make a half dozen baby blankets because my ambitions to teach a sixth-grader to sew got way bigger than the reality.

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    1. Sorry, I had to delete that because I put a typo in my email address. I'll try again:

      Congratulations Erin!! You won the $25 gift certificate! Email me and let me know if you prefer amazon or barnes and noble. I will send the certificate to the email address you use to contact me. Huzzah!