Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blog Makeover...Whatcha think?

Ok. So, obviously I made some changes around these parts. I've been wanting to learn how to design a blog header for a while. What better time than FWOM? Then I can get it done and not think about it anymore. Yay!

Except...I can't decide if I like it. I mean I it too stuffy? It definitely seems to say "A writer lives here." But I worry it's much too much serious. And people will tell you...I'm a bit of a goofball.

But I don't know what I'd do different. Besides I don't really have time to worry about this...or at least, this isn't what I should be spending my time doing. But I'd like my blog to look more professional. Although I still want it to have a fun appearance, too. I don't think this really pulls that off. I don't know. Maybe...

{but watch out for quirks here and is too late to worry about resizing and shifting everything)

Maybe this more Writerly Blog will help me focus on....well, more writing? It couldn't hurt. (Focus Erin!)


  1. I really like it the new look. It's old world-ish with a dash of extroverted quirkiness. (^__^)

    1. im liking it! and it cant hurt to have the writerly vibe... brings the muse out :)

  2. I like it - it feels professional and writery and lovely.

  3. It looks very nice. They'll get your fun, sassy, spunky side by reading your blog. Keep it!

  4. lol I think it looks very vibrant and and eye-catching!

  5. Love it! Especially the typewriter button header.

  6. Even if I didn't think you were cool, I'd like your header.