Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Favorite Character Blogfest

I haven't participated in a blogfest before, but I thought it might be fun. And a great way to "meet" other writers.  So, here we go...

The blogfest runs from January 23-25.Here's how it works:

1. Decide which of your characters you'd like to introduce everyone to, and choose a snippet about this character (preferably no more than 200 words) to share about this character. (A snippet from your manuscript would be awesome, but if you're not comfortable with that, you can choose to do a character sketch--something to show us your character and writing.)

2. Between January 23-25, tell us who your favorite character you've written is and why and post your snippet.

3. Hop around to other participants to check out their favorite characters and a bit of their story.


I wasn't sure what favorite character to share. I'm working on a MG novel that I love. And there are so many characters within it that I adore. The troubled kid, the horrible horrible woman with an unnatural love of smacking children with rotten fruit and the snarky surfer girl whose hiding a secret. 

But when it comes to my WIP, I'm a bit selfish. I like to keep most of it to myself. Someday I'll share more. In about ten years when I'm close to finishing it. 

So, instead I went to my files and found a picture book I wrote a couple years ago which I love, Marilla's Monster Vine. Marilla is one of my favorite characters. (And I love witches.)

An editor at Sterling really enjoyed it, too. She asked me to do some revisions on it. didn't end up working out. I couldn't get the ending right. Maybe I should do a post about my Achilles Heel, endings. 

But here's how it begins....

Marilla's Monster Vine

Marilla was a lonely country witch.  She needed friends like a werewolf needs a moon to howl at. Trouble was, shy Marilla didn’t go to the Curse Conventions, Spell Soirees and Hexing Hang-Outs like the other witches. 
Nope, she stayed in her garden growing Roaring Tiger Lilies, Snapping Dragons and Crocodile Crocuses.  Marilla had a green thumb.  (She had a green face, too.  But most witches do.)  

Hmmmmm, maybe someday I'll figure out the best way to end this one. 


  1. What a cute story! I hope you do go on to finish it.

  2. That is a cute story and I can really picture some fun illustrations to go along with it. I'm sure you'll work it out in the end.

  3. What a fantastic introduction to a character! I strongly encourage you to take another look at this. It's so charming!

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  5. Very cute story! Congrats on getting an editor at Sterling to like it :)

    Count me in as a new follower. I hope you can drop by my blog!

  6. Sounds very cute :) Hope you finish it one day :)

  7. Cute character. Sounds like a fun story.