Thursday, January 26, 2012

Could We Find a Way to Make Doing Laundry Fun?

I stumbled across this video yesterday...

...and it got me thinking. Are there other things we could make fun by incorporating music? Like taking out the trash? Maybe a garbage can that sings a song when you open it? Like a music box? What song would a musical trash can play? Maybe this one?

Sorry. I couldn't resist. But hmmmmm, maybe not. Who wants to stand outside whiffing trash fumes just to catch a tune. Even if it's sung by Oscar the Grouch. 

How 'bout we spice up cleaning out the fridge. Because the green fungus growing in the back is not a reward in and of itself. Or, I know, cleaning toilets? Scrubbing floors? Every tile plays a note?

Well, it just goes to show that not every idea can be translated to other areas.  But it's a shame. I really would've liked musical dish rags. They could play a song while you scrub and you'd control how fast or slow the music goes by how fast you work.....

Any takers? Go on! Take my brilliant idea and make your millions. ;)

What chore would you make more fun if you could?


  1. What fun!. Music makes everything better. Something else that makes laundry or cleaning more fun for me is if I watch a movie while folding clothes or listen to a book on tape. I get a lot more done that way because I want to keep watching and listening so I clean longer than I would otherwise.

  2. Music is like chocolate, it goes with ANYTHING!!

  3. P.S. I figured out how to reply to people and have it go to their email. call me