Sunday, November 27, 2011


It was nice to spend a weekend away with the family. We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. It was really really super. Great food, fun games, lots of laughing, long naps, and oodles of little ones running around creating a giant ruckus. Yep. So perfect.

But now it's back to life. And....oy. I have a lot I need to do. 

However, blogging is easier. And that's why I find myself caught into the web of crafty blogging so easily. Oh, it's so fun! Making crafty things, taking pictures, posting about them, reading the sweet comments, linking up to the linky parties and getting featured. Yep. All of that is waaaaaay easier than parking my rear end in a chair and working on my novel. 

When I craft something, I have a pretty good guarantee of success.  Well, kind of. I've given a lot of Craft Fails to the thrift store, but for the most part, things turn out how I want them to. And if not, well I've only invested a small amount of time on them. 

Not like this book.

I've been working on it for years.


I first started getting ideas for it....hmmmmm.....ok. Wait a minute. I've got to think.....

4 years ago?

Actually I'm not even sure. But I'm getting closer and closer to finishing it and I've realized something important. 

I'm sabotaging myself. 

All the time I spend writing blog posts. Fiddling with pictures on Picnik. Crafting stuff. Scouting around the thrift stores for treasures....

Ack! I could be writing!!  

I could be finishing this book!!

So, why am I doing this? Why am I making myself fail? Why am I sabotaging myself?

Laziness? Partly. Like I said, it's easier to craft and blog. But I think a lot of it is fear. Fear of not ever figuring out how to write the book that I want to. Oy! I know what I want this book to be. I can see it. I watch scenes of it in my head every night as I fall asleep.

So. I need to get my priorities straight. I've got to get this book done

I get too obsessive about things. Sometimes I get into this Crafty Fog. I make one thing and then another and then pretty soon I have plans for a gazillion things I need to make (when we could function perfectly fine without these Crafty Necessities). 

Also, I need to start making Christmas presents. Yep. We make a lot of our presents. Even the kids make for each other.  It's a great way to teach them the joy of doing for others. They get so excited about the presents they're giving that they don't get so obsessive about what Santa is bringing them. I love it.  If I have time I'll post some of the stuff we're working on. 

So, that's what I'll be up to for the next month or so. 

Writing and Christmas. 

I'll probably find moments to blog. But not too much (I'm telling this to myself. Using my stern voice.) And most of it'll probably be about writing (Again, the stern voice.) 

But I have a big project I need to finish in January. So, crafty friends, don't go too far. 

And writing peeps? Please keep me company as I try to keep my Butt in the Chair! 


  1. I love your random blog posts about all sorts of things. However, stop reading this, go put your butt in your chair, and finish that amazing book! Got it?! ;)

  2. Put your butt in your chair and write. Now.

  3. Hang in there chica! Also, I wouldn't mind at all if you posted some of your homemade Christmas gifts for us to see. Just tell the kiddos they are not allowed to read your blog until Dec. 26 ;)

  4. Better hurry and get your book done so you can post some more craft stuff and not have to feel guilty!

  5. Get that book done! Do not get up. LOL. I'm sure it's going to be great. 4 years isn't the longest I've heard of someone working on a project by a long shot.