Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to Get Rid of Things like Oil, Acne and Zombies...

Meet Pinky.

Pinky was a Christmas gift for Zoe when she was 2. And she has been well-loved.

But you may notice, that Pinky is having some struggles.

First Zoe picked Pinky's nose a bit too vigorously.

Then Zoe decided to share her oily lip balm with Pinky.

Finally, as Zoe helped Pinky into her jammies, Pinky's arm was brutally ripped from her body.

To make matters worse, Pinky was then hidden away in a dark corner under the bed. Yes, Zoe was trying to hide her crime.

So, yesterday, Pinky's arm was reattached.

Pinky  got a new nose.

And after some on-line research about removing oil from cotton, a very informative site called How To Get Rid of Things was found.

Not only can one learn how to get rid of oil stains there  (regular 'ole dish soap does the trick), but also how to get rid of back hair and zombies. Apparently we'll need to invest in a tiger pit and wood chipper if the Zombie Apocalypse occurs. Except I wonder if there would be a run on those? Maybe those are things one needs to purchase now? Hmmm, much to ponder.

Pinky's face was then scrubbed with (pink...ha!) dish soap and she now has an oil free smile.

Pinky! You look as good as*new!

And Zoe has plans to take extra-special care of her.

Next thing we'll need to work on is some new clothes for Pinky. She used to have quite the wardrobe...skirt, shirt, dress and coat. But, sadly, most of those are lost. Poor thing has to go out in public in her jammies. So so sad.

*Well, almost. Pinky's forehead has a permanent yellowish hue from face oils left behind by her owner during night-time snuggling.


  1. Pinky soooo lucky to have such a smart person like u in her life! She's cute. She reminds me of a lala loopsey doll except better because who wants to snuggle with one of those?!!

  2. Soooo cute!!!! You're amazing. All our stuff just looks like junk. I just tell myself it's well loved. But I should probably teach my kids respect for property by doing that.... Very, very cute doll.