Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Goals + Big Reward = Crazy Writer

This year on my birthday my super awesome friend, Carol Lynch Williams (who I adore) wrote this sweet  message on my facebook wall....

Happy happy birthday, Erin, dear.
Gotta get a book out for next year.
If I had a wish then it would be
A book of yours signed from you to me.

Ahhhh, isn't she cute? Well. This got me thinking about where I'd like to be, what I'd like to have accomplished by next year. (Yes. Deep Thoughts.)

Around the same time I saw a post on author Lisa Yee's blog about the SCBWI conference in LA. This is basically where the stars of childrens writing converge to discuss books and writing, party, and schmooze. And I thought to myself, "Hey now.  I want to go to that."

So, I decided to set some Crazy Big goals and.... if I reach them? Then I deserve a Crazy Big reward, right? Like, say, a trip to LA next August? Yes. That's a rockin' plan.

Wait until you hear the goals. They're nuts. (Me and my goals usually have that in common)

Goal #1: Finish my MG novel that I've been working on for....too long. I've been calling it simply Jasper.

But it has nothing do with this kind of Jasper....

And more to do with this kind...

There's a second part to goal #1....Start subbing that book out to agents. I'm planning on starting on this wild and crazy adventure...The Great Agent Search in January.  Wooh. That's going to be a milestone. (heh heh...mileSTONE....get it?)

Goal #2: Write a decent draft of my steampunk MG novel. Yes. Steampunk. I. Am. So. EXCITED. We'll dub it WW.

Here's some random steampunk pictures to enjoy...

steampunkSteampunk      Neverwas Haul: A Steampunk House on Wheels / Apartment...                                      

ACK! So fun, right?

Goal #3: Write a decent draft of a third novel. I think this one may be YA. And there just might be a dashing wizard in need of help from a plucky heroine. But I'm not sure if I'll work on it or another MG idea that's been patiently waiting in line for the last year or so. I might have to get to that one first.

This will be my Wild Card novel.

Now you may be wondering to yourself, "Why is Erin so insane?"

This is a valid question and one I find myself pondering often. I'm sure my husband and children find themselves musing over this as well. As of yet, I don't have a good answer for you.

But one thing that I'm thinking is it's pointless for me to put out the money and effort to make the trip to the LA conference if I'm not in a place to make all that networking worth it.

So, wish me luck. And if you happen to see me looking as though I haven't showered for a couple weeks (you'll probably smell me before you see me...) then you'll know why.

Simply remind me what day of the week it is. And where I am. And whether or not I was coming or going. And if I have something stuck to me, like dried mac 'n' cheese or oatmeal, kindly pick it off.  Or ignore it. Whatever. Your call.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Erin, I love how ambitious you are! (And with kids, too!). My goals are much more modest--finish my MG and start querying in a month or two, and then maybe start another draft. I'm looking forward to actually meeting you in another 10 days!

  2. You can do it! I think you're just crazy enough to accomplish it all. And if I finding you wandering aimlessly at Walmart, I will gladly head you in the right direction and pick off the bits of mac & cheese and oatmeal that have become part of your clothing. ;) Love you!

  3. Love it. We will meet in 10 days and get to know each other. Then we can have a community of crazy people helping each other look like they are normal.

  4. Aaaah! I just tried to comment and it got 'eaten!" Okay - try again! First of all, GOoooooOOOo Erin! Chautauqua alumnsie, FTW! 2nd, a bit of unsolicited query advice from mine own agent hunt: do NOT query until your MS is completely finished/polished. I was stunned how quickly the requests for fulls/partials came back (from the agents who responded - they were lightning fast. Not all agents responded tho, nach). The other thing is it is absolutely marvelous brilly to have that 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) MS ready, waiting for your attention once your MS goes out to agent(s). Because THAT wait IS long! and the eggs-in-one-basket-mentality sucketh. So - all this to say - Yippeeee goals! Yippeeeee plans! Good luck and keep us posted! :)

  5. You are amazing! You can do it! (I won't bug you with sewing questions so you have more time. j/k :)) Sounds like a good goal and an awesome reward! If anyone can do all that, it's you! (I'll let you know if I can smell you over here, that might be a good clue you need to shower.)

  6. Love it! I'm not actually looking forward to Zach starting this.... But it makes him happy. :) Good luck on your goals!!

  7. Erin, I love your enthusiasm! Go for it - just don't beat yourself up if life gets in the way occasionally (because it will), but get back on the wagon as soon as humanly possible. Lovely, mysterious future book ideas - I'm sure they will be one of a kind!

    Can't wait for next Saturday to see you (hopefully not smell you)and have a fun and productive workshop.


  8. I wish you luck with those ambitious goals. If anyone can do it you can. If you don't have time to shower you can always use that Treseme dry shampoo spray!