Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Like Bananas on my Grapenuts...

I'm officially a Grapenut.  My PWG (personal writing goal) is to revise the next four chapters of my middle grade novel, Jasper. 

Alright, bring it on.  Let's get going.  Oh. Wait. First I have to clean my house for the Bow Party tonight.  Sad. No writing today. 

Ok.  Jasper.  Tomorrow.  Yeah, that's right. 



  1. I followed the link on the Grapenut, but couldn't figure it out. Does this really mean that you're in love with breakfast cereal?

  2. lol...no, the link takes you to Jeanine Garsee's blog. Every year she does Grapemo. Kind of a mini version of Nanowrimo. But everyone simply comes up with a personal writing goal and then she updates people's progress.

    I do love cereal though.