Monday, September 24, 2012

Three {Possibly Interesting} Things

#1: I like writing. A lot. Especially when I spend more time doing it. And I've come up with a writing schedule, process, thang that seems to be working for me. That is....until I want a nap. And then, it doesn't work so much anymore. Weird that. Maybe I'll blog about it soon.

#2: The Novel Writing Workshop was a huge success! At least, I think so. Sometimes these things are hard to judge. It's like when I host a party and then afterwards I'm left with loads of empty red cups, saggy balloons and a mysterious substance on the ceiling and I wonder, Was that a good party? Did everyone have fun? 

But considering Lindsey Leavitt and Brodi Ashton* were brilliant and awesome and every other word that means super great and that loads of the attendees gushed over how great those chickadees did and how much they learned, yeah, I'd say fun was had by all! And there wasn't even any mysterious substances on  the library ceiling.

#3: I miss blogging. It's fun to get on the computer to write long, interesting posts for the Internet Crickets.  However, I don't really have time for long insightful or even, really, helpful posts about writing. Nope. Maybe some short posts....about what I had for lunch. Hmmmmm, I wonder why I don't have more followers.

It's so strange.

But wouldn't that be nice? Wouldn't that be awesome if I could come up with some really stellar posts with all sorts of writing secrets revealed? Like Ten Ways to Make Your Novel Awesome or The Fast Track to Getting an Agent or even The Best Scented Papers to Use for Your Manuscript.

I mean, just think about how much progress those Internet Crickets would make. They'd finally ditch the plain white paper and start buying the good stuff, like reams of the Sparkly Aqua Blossom.

Oh, wait. Now this is a long shot, but maybe...just maybe, I should finish my book.

Sorry Internet Crickets. You'll have to go paper shopping on your own.

(However, I will be posting more. Maybe once a week? Maybe about the progress I'm making on my novel? Maybe after lunch today? I know you're excited about that possibility.)

*Emily Wing Smith was feeling pretty icky so we let her have the day off. We're nice like that.


  1. Kudos for keeping busy. Keep being awesome and post when you can. It's not like we're going anywhere. :)

  2. I would say that novel-writing workshop was BEYOND a success. I am head over heels in love with Lindsey and Brodi and their writing. That weekend totally jump-started my writing again. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Writing is most important, but I enjoy reading your blog too. The balance is so hard!

  4. Yes, I am about to swallow you whole in that picture. Thanks for posting that beauty. :)

    I had a great time at the conference! Thanks for being the hostest with the mostest.