Friday, September 28, 2012

Ok. I Finally Jumped on this Bandwagon...

...and it is all kinds of awesome.

I've been hearing about the Writing Excuses Podcasts for some time now. At first I didn't have a way to listen to them and then after I got my Ipod, I just didn't take the time to check them out. 

But now. Oh my. I started listening and...

I can't wait for a chance to listen to more of these. I mean, I'm even looking forward to washing dishes and folding laundry and anything else I can do while listening to my Ipod. Crazy, right?

They are absolutely brilliant. 

Mary Robinette Kowal, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Taylor and Dan Wells do these fun mini-lectures. They are funny, smart, super talented and they have such a great rapport with each other. There are seven seasons. And in each season there are thirty something episodes. What a wealth of writing info! 

I listened to one about writing Humor yesterday. I learned loads. One thing they talked about was Scott Adam's 2 out of 6 Rule of Humor. I found an article about the concept HERE. Wow. It's so interesting. And I'm going to be mulling over this stuff for days.

For those of your unable to attend writing conferences or those type of things, this is so great! It's like downloading a workshop right to your ears. They even have writing prompts. I especially liked the one they gave during the Authentic Emotion podcast. Oy! So enlightening.   

Most of you are probably nodding your head and thinking, "Yes, Erin. We've been listening to these for ages." But for the two of you who are slow pokes like me....Check these out! You won't regret it. And you might start looking forward to doing the dishes, too.

If you don't have a way to listen to the podcasts, you can read the transcripts of the shows, which is not nearly as enjoyable, but better than nothing.

Oh, and one more thing, I'd like to take moment to pause and remember how I was able to listen to Brandon Sanderson speak at Writing for Charity last year. He was amazing. This guy is a genius.

And I had my picture taken with him....which makes me happy.

Even though I'm pretty sure he was worried he'd just garnered a new stalker.

WARNING: These shows are like auditory crack.

Is anyone else listening to Writing Excuses? What do you think of them? Are there other things like this out in the vast internet world that everyone knows about and I'm completely and hopelessly clueless about? 


  1. I told you you would love this podcast (and if I didn't, I totally should have :)

  2. Wow. It sounds wonderful! I actually subscribed to it via iTunes but then never listened to a single episode because I had so many other podcasts and audiobooks to listen to. Now that I've heard Will Write for Wine (another wonderful podcast) through again from the beginning, I'll have to actually listen to Writing Excuses. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Writing Excuses is a lot of fun to listen to, though I've only listened to a few.