Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Love

That's a simple one, eh? But it's amazing how difficult it can be. I know I spend way too much time letting myself get wrapped up (or roped into!) doing things I only kind of want to do. Why do I do that? Sometimes it's easier than the writing. 

Writing is hard work. I have to let myself stink. I have to strain my brain. I have to slog away at something with the hope I can make it better....somehow, someday. 

However, it's worth it. 

And I need to get better at this focus thing. I need to focus on the things (and people) I really really love. My kids. My husband. My writing. And some crafting....although I need to be more selective about the projects I choose to take on. I love making pretty ruffly dresses for my girls. But how many do they actually need? 

I'm trying to be better about using my time wisely. And, yes, I'd have more time to write if I cut out the crafty/sewing stuff altogether. But I've waited for years to have little girlies to make things for. I love whipping them up little dolls and purses and hair bows and froufrouy skirts. And I make crafty stuff for my boys, too. (they each got super cool bow ties for Easter....I love how happy they were for a simple bow tie!) If this puts me behind in my writing a bit...oh well. I'm okay with that.

Now it's your turn. What do you love? What do you need to focus on?


  1. I do love writing. I mean I enjoy it! My next best thing is music! I thrive on music. I create playlist based on moods, eras, events in my life and all other sorts of weird and wonderful things! I just love music. That's my thing. I don't need to focus on it more, but I do need to listen to it every day, that's for sure! :)

  2. I have gotten better at cutting stuff that I don't love to get more of what I do love. I am not perfect yet, but baby steps, right?

  3. I"ve heard having another creative outlet actually helps with your writing because it gives you an outlet and a break from the writing. I love playing guitar and sketching.

  4. I love to play piano and sketch, but i haven't done either ONCE this year. I really need to get on top of my schedule, too.