Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Heroism

Oh, T.A. Barron, how brilliant can one man be? Obviously....very

I love this quote. Every person is capable of great, monumental and outstanding deeds. And every little soul needs to know this. They need to know what is possible for them. And we, as writers, parents, teachers, humans, need to make sure they're getting that message. 

Two more things...

#1: Don't forget to enter my giveaway. (I's the coolest giveaway you've ever seen.)

#2: Has anyone ever had their follower's list get cleared? I went to my dashboard with the plan to read through some of the blogs I follow was empty! How did that happen?? What happened to the blogs I follow? I'm quite sad that they're gone and I wonder if there is a way to get them all back...short of trying to find them all, one by one, again. So, if for some reason you think I'm not following your blog's not my fault!!!

#3: (yep. sometimes I lie) Is this thing, The Followers List Being Abducted by Aliens, happening to anyone else? I've noticed my followers list keeps going back and forth between 131 and 132. So....either something strange is going on or someone can't quite figure out if they want to read my odd blog. Which is totally understandable (*sniff*) 


  1. Maybe blogger was having some problems because all the blogs I follow disappeared a couple days ago too! But then they came back again and I was so glad. I would have hated to lose all my blogs.

  2. That quote is fabulous. Thank you for passing it on :)

  3. Oh, no! I haven't lost my blog roll, and I hope I don't! So many of my followers don't have links, I'd never find them again!

    I love your quote! This is something important for our characters to know, too - they are heroes, however unlikely!

  4. Great inspiration, Erin :D And yes, that's happened to me but it fixed itself! Hopefully it does for you too!