Monday, March 26, 2012

{Motivational Monday} Dream Big

love!   To my darlings... always remember to make your dreams bigger than you think they can be.  You absolutely can and will achieve more than you or others believe you can or should.  Don't let small-mindedness influence your choices.  do it.   live the life you imagined

Dream ♥
  .... Dream big & love the life you live!

Dream Big....  Dream Big
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Did you get that? You gotta have a dream, people! And not just any dream, but a 
great big giant humongous one!
But you can't just dream. 
You've got to go out and do something about it.
Or, for us writers, you better plop your bum in 
your chair and get typing. 


  1. Have you heard that song by Ryan Shupe& The Rubber Band? called DREAM BIG. It is one of my favorite songs. I can listen to it over and over. I also like to make slide shows to it. Your doing awesome with your blog! Just watched a clip by Sister Beck on Blogging for good Thought I would share with you. Have a great Day!

  2. Dream Big-I'm on it. Love the Dream made out of pages of a book.

  3. Trying to keep my dreams and my ambitions in line. Dreams are big, working on them haven't been superb lately.

  4. that book photo with the pages formed into "dream" is so gorgeous!

  5. love the quotes. I'm a big dreamer. It's the doing part where I sometimes fall short, but I keep trying and hoping, someday! . .

  6. "You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling'...

    That's from INCEPTION, isn't it? :) Sweet movie quote. I need to use that one sometime. Good inspiration board.

  7. Whoo!!
    I agree!! I'm very much a dreamer, and I'm motivated most by my dreams!

  8. Hello! Found your blog listed as participating in the upcoming A to Z Challenge. I'm also participating. Look forward to seeing what you blog about for the challenge.


  9. Hi Erin! I found your blog through the A-Z blogging link, and I am a new follower. If you'd like to follow back, I can be found at

    I love this post. I'm a big believer in dreaming, planning and doing. ...I'm looking forward to your A-Z posts. :)

  10. My dream is to go to lunch with u and not have someone be sick...i don't know........too big? ;)