Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Three Writing Tips You Need to Remember

My Big Major Goal for the month is to finish the quick 'n' dirty revision of my WIP, which is not going nearly as quick as I'd like. But it is definitely dirty.....meaning, messy, people. Messy. Not dirty.

And, yes, I'm aware I only have two days left.

No. I am not getting a lot of sleep.

Yes, yes. I'm insane.

Speaking of revising, go check out this post by James Dashner, brilliant author of The Maze Runner, where he shares three things he learned while revising that book.

Oy. I needed to read those. Especially number two, develop the mystery/plot with patience. It reminds me of what Patricia Lee Gauch said at Chautauqua. "It takes time to build a bridge." (or something like that....maybe it was city? Or hot dog stand? Mmmmm, no bridge definitely sounds better....)

Patty was talking about how it takes time to set the mood and build the world in your book. We need to pull out the tension on our pages. Revel in the mystery of it all and let it unfold.

 Too often, I get impatient and push forward without taking the time to really set the scene and also, build up the mystery and suspense.

Alright, now I'm off to squeeze as much writing time as possible into the cracks of my day.


  1. What great advice--I needed to hear it. I'm in the middle of editing and I tend to rush everything and underwrite. Thanks!

  2. Great link.. it's sort of fun to see JDashner talk about Maze Runner before it came out, and the huge success he's had with it. Inspiring and also sort of.. comforting.. to know that he struggled with the same sort of thing that I'm struggling with on my own writing. Thanks Erin for posting that.