Thursday, February 9, 2012

4th Writer's Platform-Building Campaign...Sign up today!

Want to meet more bloggers who write in the same genre as you? 

Check out the Platform-Building Campaign over at Rach Writes. This is a really fun idea and I'm looking forward to joining in.  

Sign-ups close on Feb. don't wait!  Hop on over and sign up.


  1. Thanks for finding my blog. You header is gorgeous, wish I could steal it:)
    I'll look into Rach Writes.

  2. I'm in your MG/YA campaign!
    I jumped over hear because of the word Shakespear. I'm kinda a fan of the bard and wanted to see what was going on over here. And I was not disappointed (thought I don't see too much on the English man ;) I'm looking forward to following your blog more!

  3. I'm stopping in from the campaign to say hey. I love your blog theme (I've been to the house Shakespeare was born in). I'm a new follower!

  4. Fellow campaigner here, dropping by to say "Hi". Look forward to reading and learning from other writers like you. +1 follower.

  5. Hi Erin! Looking forward to your musings, and learning about your manuscript :)