Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sexy Writing

Yep. You read that title correctly.

Sexy Writing.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the last day or so. I need to make a scene I’m working on sexy. So far, it’s a bit blah.

Now before the crazy thoughts get too busy in your mind, let me clarify. When I say sexy writing, I’m not talking about ripping corsets or heaving or trembling of any kind.

My good friend, Lana, went to a workshop taught by fantasy author, Dave Wolverton (aka Dave Farland), last year (By the way, I took a fantasy/sci-fi class from him a few years ago at BYU....he's awesome). One of the things he talked about was making stories sexy.

Sexy?!  (this was pretty much my initial response when Lana shared this…I mean, golly gee whillickers! We write for children!)

Ok. So, what’s he talking about? Sexy writing? It’s pretty simple really. He means our characters and scenes and events need to be exciting, unique and unexpected. In other words, yep, you’ve got it….Sexy.

Let’s demonstrate the idea of sexy writing.  Hmmmmm….let’s think of a book everyone knows….how ‘bout Harry Potter (ever heard of it? heh heh)

So, let’s imagine JK Rowling didn’t set her famous series at Hogwarts, but instead chose Southend Middle School in…erm….Wendell, Idaho (And no, there's not a real school named that....I'm a writer. I make stuff up).

Now, I’m a fan of potatoes as much as the next girl, but….well, it wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting, right?

Or what if the kids got to Hogwarts by taking a normal bus at a regular ‘ole bus stop instead of the awesome train found at the surprising Platform 9 ¾? (is that the right number?) Boring!

Yep. JK Rowling made her story intriquing, interesting and totally and completely sexy.

Now, it’s time for me to get to work.

Time to buckle down and make this scene sexy.

(I think it might be easier to throw in a ripped corset.)


  1. shhh....!!! quit saying "sexy". Totally kidding. I knew exactly what you meant. It's that awkward feeling you get when your watching a movie or reading a book and although no one is kissing or anything like that, for some reason your face gets all flushed and you realize your smiling. That's called "awkward sexy" ;)

    1. heh heh....thanks for the chuckle!

      And, hey, when did blogger at this reply function? I'm loving it!