Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Favorite Thing...

Time together.

Zoe got a new bike for Christmas. She tried it out the day after Christmas a bit. But since today was pretty warm (for Winter), we all bundled up and headed out for a family bike ride.

Ryan had to walk with Zoe to help her with her biking. He gave her tips and such to help her know what to do if she starts to fall. How to lean and such.

She's getting really good at this. And I love that she's so proud of herself. At one point she said something like, "I'm the best biker!"

I love creating these happy memories.

My oh, my. Those are some fun boys. And, yes, that's a pink bike Emmett is riding. I got it free. He's saving up for a new one though. Although, truth be told. He doesn't really care that it's pink! Can you believe I totally forgot he needs a new bike? AND he just had a birthday on Wednesday? Ack! I can't believe I forgot that.

Zoe had her first crash. Her daddy hugged her better.

And she got right back on.

I'm glad she has a sweet daddy to help make things better. And to teach her how to ride a bike. 

It's great to do something together that everyone enjoys.

Ryan looks great on a pink bike, right?

A baby bike seat was one of the best things I ever bought. Molly loves bike rides. LOVES them.

And so do I.


  1. Love the happy happy family times and're making them for sure!!!! Beautiful!!!

  2. So fun. I would love our family to all have bikes for riding. But we really have nowhere to put 5 bikes! What I wouldn't give for a garage!

    And that Weston is a really good looking kid. Watch out. You'll have girls streaming through your door in the very near future, if not already! :)

  3. What I want to know is why you are taking a picture while zoe is crying instead of comforting her? I would NEVER do that! (ok, I do it all the time) :). That zoe is so photogenic! I love all the pics :)