Monday, December 12, 2011

Going on a Tree Hunt

We love getting our own Christmas tree. None of that tree farm nonsense for us. Nope. The Shakespears just need a tree tag, a vehicle with 4-wheel drive (and actually this isn't even necessary. We've made a van work for this activity in a pinch) and an ax and we're good to go.  Throw in some snow and we're a happy bunch....

I have the hardest time getting a natural smile out of this one!

Ack! How did this happen? How is it possible that this good looking young man is my son?

He could not resist throwing the snow in the air. "Mom! Take a picture!" he yelled.

These boys are so good to each other. Yes. They bicker. But for the most part, they are
each other's best friends. They love to gather up all their legos, head to the basement and create
a whole world to inhabit. Zoe has even started to join them. She is asking for pink legos
for Christmas. Shhhhh! Don't tell, but I found a pink lego (off-brand) set which makes 
a princess carriage and horse. It is so stinkin' cute. I can't wait to give it to her!

My goodness. That is one handsome cowboy. 

That little one was having the best time out in all that snow. 
And yes. Those are socks on her hands. I couldn't find her mittens.

We stumbled across an icy road and the kids (and their parents) had
loads of fun slipping down it on their shoes. 

 Oh, why can't I just freeze her? For a few years? And then I promise...I'll let her grow up. 
But, not yet. Please, Time? Could you slow down?

We found two good trees and had a vote.  The kids voted all voted for tree #2. It was bigger. 
So, my handsome cowboy chopped it down, threw it on top of the Suburban and we headed for home 
singing Christmas carols and laughing and chatting. I love Christmas. Especially when I take the time to 
simply be with my family without worrying about the baking, the shopping, the buying or the running around. 

We took the tree home, got it into the house and had a grand time putting all our handmade ornaments all over it. Yes. We have a hodgy-podgy tree. And I love it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to share pictures! But for now I need to pop the wee ones into bed (yes, they're up late tonight!) and get some sewing done. Molly's monkey doll is just a bunch of body parts at this point. I can't wait to get it all together!


  1. With you and your cowboy as parents, it's easy to see how Weston and the rest of your monkeys are so good looking. :)

    So fun to go get a tree. We've had an artificial tree forever, and I hate it, but that's all we can do for now. I would love, love, love to take my maniacs out and get a real tree. They would go nuts. As would the cats when we brought the tree home. The one idiotic one already eats the artificial tree, so the real one would be a definite upgrade for her!

    And for the record, I never would have known those were socks on Molly's hands; they looked just like mittens. And who cares anyway?!

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun getting a tree. When we used to buy real Christmas trees it was such a hassle to find the right one. We'd go from place to place, so we finally bought a fake one. I miss the smell of a fresh tree, but not all the needles.

  3. What a cute family you are! I thought both of you're boys did so wonderfully last night with their recital peices!! So if we got a tree at the tree lot this year, does that make us losers ? ;) ;)