Friday, November 18, 2011

A To Do List

Today I need to....

1: Run. (oh yay.)
2: Take pictures of a craft.
3: Submit craft to FamilyFun.
4: Help Sam with the craft he invented (it's actually quite clever)
5: Remind him there is no guarantee FamilyFun will buy it (don't start counting those chickens yet, buddy.)
6: Clean up Nerd Night stuff....I'll have to post about that fun event next week (it was so fun.)
7: Clean up some of my crafty mess. (I said Some. I did not say All.)
8: Plan a family Princess Dinner Party with Zoe....she's been wanting to do this all week. (Mmmmmm, pink noodles and purple jello)
9: Laundry.
10: Write......(Wait. I should have put this above laundry....)

What's on your To Do List for today?
Need some new tunes to help you along?

How about some fun songs from Lenka? I love this chickadee's music.  So great....


  1. Thanks for the tunes! Lenka helped me get my laundry folded :) Your to do list looks a lot like mine only ummm shorter :( Want to come finish mine after you finish yours ;) Guess I better get off the computer!

  2. I wish I could run and have a princess dinner party! I've got to try to get my house clean before my mom comes in town for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I'd rather write, watch a movie, and play my guitar. I like Lenka.