Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Myth of Writer's Block

Do you believe in it?

Many have jumped feet first into  NaNoWriMo this month. Not me though. Nah, I'm deep into ErNoWriDec.


It stands for Erin's Novel Writing Decade.

That's right, people. I'm trying to write a novel in 10 years. And I'm feeling pretty good about my progress.  It looks like I'm almost half done.  Can I get a Woot Woot? I should totally throw a party.

Ok. Ok. I am planning on buckling down on Jasper and getting loads done this month. Loads. Not a very specific goal, now is it? How about getting Draft #4 done. What should I call this draft? I think it needs a name. I'm kind of tired of saying I'm working on Jasper. I mean, I like the name. That's why I picked it (and it was long before I read Twilight, people. So there.)

So what should I call this draft?

Susan? Suuuuuuu-san! Are you all picturing that blob from Monsters vs. Aliens? Or is that just me.....

Pain in my tuckus?

Bane of my existence? Nah. That's a bit harsh, right? My manuscript might run off to hide in the corner if I go around calling it that.

Best Novel Ever? Well. It could be true. Eh....maybe? But. This could give my manuscript a big head. Although they say if you expect great things from people they will rise to your expectations. Does this work for inanimate objects? It could be worth a shot.

Alright. Never mind. I guess it's just Jasper.

Jasper Draft #4. *sigh*

Hopefully I don't get Writer's Block this month. Actually I don't believe in it. It's a myth. If you can't write it's because you're not writing. If you don't know what to write, figure it out. It's a simple as that.

Now sometimes I don't want to figure it out. And that's when I get the dreaded Crafty Writer Syndrome. This is when I hit a rough patch in the novel and suddenly feel the itch to get crafty. I whip out some dental floss, old records and craft paint and make a cutesy wreath for the front door (alright. I didn't. But I wonder....)

Or maybe I suddenly feel the need to start collecting old copies of brightly colored Reader's Digest Condensed Books because I saw some cool things made from the covers (ok. This one I've done. Now if I could just remember what the cool things were....)

If you're currently procrastinating writing, here's an excellent distraction from author, Jackson Pearce....

Ack! I love that. So. Stinkin'. Funny.


  1. Funny video. I've run into lot of roadblocks with my WIP even though I've tried working on it everyday, so this month I'm taking a break and writing a new novel then I'll go back to the other one.

  2. I love it! I think it can definitely be applied to lots of things, not just writing. I have that big problem that I'll work on something after I do these few things first. Then I run out of time. Then I'm up late trying to get stuff done and am cranky the next day (or week).

  3. You totally get a woot woot! I've finally finished a shorter story after having a billion paper-back length stories get themselves started and then come to a standstill. Blocks are not fun...but I'm learning how to work through them. Keep up the energy!

  4. Writer's block, in my experience, is my brain trying to tell me that I'm doing something wrong. I don't want to move forward writing because on an instinctual level, I know that I'm headed in the wrong direction (or no direction.)

    The most helpful thing I've found is taking some time to identify what's wrong, or what's missing. Once it's identified, make a plan to solve it, and then solve it.

    I kind of see it as the roll-up-your-sleeves part of writing.

    If all else fails, I go switch to another WIP and come back to the first one when I realize what my problem was.