Friday, November 11, 2011

My Mid-Book Crisis

Today I had a crisis.

I am halfway through this current rewrite of Jasper (# 64 you ask? No, stinker. It's only, like, #5 or something. So there).

And I had some issues. Some self-doubt. Some worry. It was a major "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" moment. I was feeling like I'd wasted the last year.

It was not pretty.

Luckily I also had my critique group tonight.

Lana and Emalee talked me off of my ledge. They reassured me. And told me the things I needed to hear. I feel much better. Wooh. That was a close call.

I might have done something horrible during this Mid-Book Crisis. Like trying to make myself feel like a good writer again by buying a flashy red convertible, er....I mean....flashy red office supplies? And this analogy seems to need something to do with a blonde. Maybe blondies? Yes. I might have made a whole pan of Blondies. And eaten them all. Ok. I think this analogy has officially died.

Anyway, I'm mostly better. I wrote for an hour tonight. And I will continue on. Push forward. And all that jazz and nonsense.

And on a random side note (you all know how I love my random side notes)....

Any other writers using *Pinterest as a way to put together boards about their works in progress? It's a great way to waste time....wait. I mean, to inspire yourself. Yep. That's right.

If you want to check out my board for Jasper you can visit it Here.

1,000 year old Yew tree, England
Here are a few of the photos I've pinned to it....
Edinburgh, Scotland
fairy house

*Warning: Pinterest is highly addictive. Highly Addictive, People. No complaining allowed when you find you can no longer leave the house because you must spend all your time pinning Everything. 


  1. I have tried but they don't have things on there for what I'm working on...right now. However, I agree that Pinterest is incredibly addicting. However, I really only let myself spend maybe 10 minutes at a time or I get lost and forget there is life.

  2. Good job pushing through your mid-book crisis. You will get it done, I just know it.

    I haven't been on Pinterest for the very reason you described. I waste too much time on other nonsense; I don't need anything else to distract me from doing sensical things. But I'm the only one in the world who seems to have not visited Pinterest, so I'm definitely the oddball. But we all knew that before this mini-confessional, right?

  3. Hey, I was just talking to Sundi about your book in progress. I would love to read some of your work. Thanks for your comments on my blog. The follower button is now working. I want to link yours in the near future. If that is ok?