Wednesday, November 9, 2011

If you can't be a dork with your friend...


....then what's the point?

My cute friend, Sundi and I went out to lunch at The Little Brick House last week. Cedar people, have you been there? It is so good. Seriously. So. Good.

I had their Super Club Sandwich (ok. that's not it...Extreme Club?....something like that). It was yummy (extremely.) Avacado, bacon, cheese, turkey, tomatoes....on foccacia bread....yeah, so good.

Well, if it was just the food. That would still be awesome. But there's more! Crafts! Yes. Antiques! Yes. Lovely eye candy! Yes. Being a dork with your friend? Yes!

We ordered our food and wandered through the rooms of beautiful odds and ends, while chasing around after our four little monkeys. We chatted and ate and tried to keep kids in our booth. Then we wandered some more. I even found a Christmas gift for Zoe. It was something I could have made but it was cheaper to buy it! Not to mention a lot easier...

And then it was time for pictures. Oh, yes. Pictures.

Sundi said, "We could take one over by this wall." Alrighty, let's try it.....



I think this is what we call a Ruddy Complexion.
It is not attractive. Maybe we shouldn't try
the vintage setting.
Um. Okay. We had some trouble getting a good shot. So, why not take some bad pictures on purpose?


Yep. Bad shots are easier to take.

And then, of course, we got the giggles.


But we managed to get a few good ones. I'm going to make you wait for them though. (Or, fine, you can just scroll down.)

And speaking of *good ones. I am so grateful for this awesome friend.

I'm not always very good at keeping friends. And it's not that I hog all the barbies and then they won't come over and play anymore.

No, I just get busy in my world. Busy with kids and writing and all the day to day stuff. I'm not very good at remembering to hang out with girlfriends or to call them up and say, "What's up?" and I tend to only see friends when I "have" to....because of school things or callings in church or parties, etc.

Sundi and I started hanging out .....hmmmm....almost 6 years ago, I think? She taught Sam's nursery class. Sam didn't want to be in there by himself at first so I stayed with him.  

I remember noticing Sundi's little girl, Addie, that first day. She had on a very cute dress**. And then I learned Sundi made it. Oh yay! A kindred crafty spirit! 

Pretty soon we were chatting more and swapping crafty ideas and patterns***. Our wee ones started playing together. And I thought I'd invite her to Witch's Night out.

When I lived in Fillmore I had a group of girlfriends that would don outlandish witch costumes and trek up to Gardner Village every October for a big party. But that year only one friend, sweet Heidi was going. And I thought I'd see if Sundi wanted to come along with us. And she did! We had loads of fun shopping and eating and walking around in witch costumes. 

And, Sundi, wasn't that the year that guy stalked us in D.I. and then told us he was an undercover cop trying to catch shoplifters? Yeah, I think he was just trying to pick up Sundi. Good times. 

(Wait. I think that was the next year? Now I can't remember.)

Anyways, that was just the start (of a beautiful friendship....cue the orchestra). Our kids have grown up a bit, playing together and being friends, Sundi moved into a new house and, sadly, out of our neighborhood, her and Mike added a fun and oh so cute boy to their family and my handsome cowboy and I figured out how to make girls. And through it all, we've managed to stay in touch.

She's definitely one of those friends I can go weeks without out seeing (but would rather not!) and we can get together and chat like no time has passed (except we have to fill each other in on all the crafty pursuits we've made).  I love her and her family and hope she's a friend I "keep" for....forever! 

So, here's to...awesome friends, crafty friends and friends you can be dorks with...



*Sappy Train straight ahead. You've been warned. 

**This was my first introduction to Simplicity 5695. That was a great day. 

***Sundi let me borrow Simplicity 5695. It was love at first stitch. Of course, I had to buy my own copy. 


  1. What a dork :)
    Dang girl I wish I'd been following your blog sooner, what a great piece of writing... speaking of which? whats going on?

  2. Well, "Arrowhead Aussie" that's because amazing friends inspire her to create "great pieces of writing". Totally kidding! WOW! That was so sweet. Those were some good memories! And really sweet undeserved things you said :) I think I'll just go ahead and copy and paste this entire post in my blog except I'll change the "My friend Sundi" to "My friend Erin" ;) Ditto to it all!! Love ya girl!!

  3. Oh and P.S. definitely funnier than what I would have done with these pics. I knew you would be :)