Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Times

Sam lost three teeth in three days...

This kid is brave. His dad pulled out the first. But he pulled out the last two. That one in his hand he yanked out while in class. He had a pretty good racket going there with the tooth fairy. 

But because his money begs to be spent, Sam already blew it all on a air-action bubble clam thing for his fish tank. But he couldn't afford the pumps and extension hose. His dad bought them and hid them away until Sam can afford them. So, sadly, it's just a big pink and yellow clam in his fish tank. No bubbles. No air action. 

Molly isn't a big fan of shopping trips to Wal-mart...

Neither am I. Who wants to put me to sleep and push me around the store? 

Zoe felt the need to see how many cheesy tortilla pieces she could stuff in her mouth...

I was rather impressed. I should have counted how many she managed to shove in there. And she even chewed them all up and was able to swallow them. Yep. That's talent, people.


  1. wouldn't that be nice (getting pushed around while you slept, but stuff still got accomplished...)

  2. Your kids will push you around in the store when you're old and senile. Then you can hit people with your cane and shout things like, "Hairy green beans!" and no one will care.