Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blah Mom Syndrome

Sometimes I'm just a boring mom.  Ok. Let me rephrase that...

A lot of the time I'm a boring mom.

I make out my To-Do lists and then I run around in a mad dash trying to get everything checked off. Isn't that so satisfying? Check! Check! Check! 

But the other night as I was writing out my To-Do list for the next day (this makes me sound so organized. Well, writing the list is fun. But following it? Now there's the problem...) and I thought I'd add Bike/Scooter Ride to my list of things to get done.  

It was one of the first things we did that morning.  The girls had a great time. Zoe scooted up and down and around the block. Molly grinned from ear to ear in her bike seat. And I loved watching my girls be happy. 

So, along with the Do 3 Loads of  laundry and the Rewrite Chapter 10, I'm going to add things to my To-Do lists like...

Take a picnic at the park
Make a collage
Whip up cookies

Enjoy a bike ride while the weather is still warm!

You may notice in that picture that Molly has a nice bruise on her forehead. This is what happens when one goes careening down the driveway on a broken wagon and unexpectedly hits the curb and is sent rocketing over the wagon and into the road.  Yeah. That was fun. I doubt I'll ever forget seeing her pink ruffled bum flying through the air.

One of her older brothers (Weston...not that we're naming names...) left the wagon out and, sadly, Molly found it.  And since that picture was taken, she has also added an owie to her eyebrow from a run-in with the metal thing you pull up in the bathtub to turn the shower on. Ouch, right? Wow. This girl is starting to look a bit rough.

Zoe loves wearing this dress that is two sizes two big for her.
Silly girl.


  1. You are so far from being a boring mom! I wish I could be more like you. The fun mom, a great example, one who can make/do anything, etc. You're amazing!

  2. I love reading your blogposts and getting a good laugh for the day, not that it's funny that your daughter got hurt, it's just the way you describe things that makes it funny and how you make the little everyday things seem important. I think I'll put some fun things on my to do list too. You sound like a fun mom, not a boring one.

  3. awwww.... your such a good mommy!