Monday, August 15, 2011

A Declaration to the Universe

Birthdays are great for seeing where you are and where you'd like to be.  So, I've set some goals.  Big Goals.  And I even have a Big Reward in mind for myself if I can reach them. 

Reaching these goals requires me to give up some things.  Like computer time.  At the end of my life am I going to be happy I spent oodles of time repinning on Pinterest and reading crafty blogs and checking out all the status updates on facebook? (really? you're cleaning your toilet?  Yep. That's fascinating.)

Nope.  That will not bring me any kind of satisfaction.

So, I'm cutting back.  I'm not going to be blogging much (as if I was already....).  Or on facebook much.

*gasp* I'm going to even try to stay away from Pinterest.

I mean, think about all the time we spend on the internet or watching TV!  It's crazy.  And the time goes by so fast.  Before you know it the day has shot by and you wonder where it went! Or at least I do.  It's not like I spend all day near a screen, but I piddle away time here and there and then a little more after the kids are asleep.  blech.

So, I'm backing away from my brainless time on the internet.  And I'm going to write books.  The End.