Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Birthday Storm: Sam's Big Day

We've had a lot of birthday fun going on around here.  And when I say a lot, I mean A Whole Ton of Birthday Craziness

The first one in our Birthday Storm was Sam's at the end of May. He had a super great day turning 7.  His birthday fell on a Sunday so I made a special tie for him to wear to church. 

Well, I didn't actually make the tie.  I got one from DI and tried to cut it down to his size.  It didn't work the best.  I need to fix it a bit.  It ended up so it was too wide there at the collar.  But anyways, I appliqued the robot to the front of the tie and he thought it was very cool...

I also appliqued him a fun robot birthday shirt. I really love appliquing shirts.  They don't take much time and the results are so great.  They're perfect for when you need a quick Crafting Fix.  Wait.  I'm not the only one that starts to go into withdrawals, am I? 

Sam chose scrambled eggs and Caramel Biscuit Ring for breakfast.  And I picked up Papa Murphy's the day before so we could have pepperoni pizza for dinner.

And he chose Chocolate Trifle for his birthday cake.  Everyone in the family was extremely pleased with his choice.

Sam got quite a few sets of legos for his birthday which he was THRILLED about.  Just check out this face...

He loved putting them all together.   

Isn't it great watching your children interact?   

These boys have such a great relationship with each other.  Sure they do a fair bit of fighting, too.  But overall they have such a great time together.  I hope they always stay close.

We let each of the kids choose an activity to do in celebration of their birthday like bowling, a movie, go out to eat or go swimming.  Sam chose to go to the Aquatic Center.  So went on Saturday and had loads of fun.  We tried to set a family record for the number of times we went down the big tube slide.  I think it was 32. Individually, Sam beat us all with 17 times!  I think I did 6, maybe? 

I think Sam had a great birthday.  Even though two of his presents hadn't even arrived yet (great way to give yourself Mommy Guilt...procrastinate ordering gifts on Amazon).  Yes, that is why in this next shot you will notice the two pictures of the items that haven't come in the mail yet....a very cool lego robot book (which he adored!) and a wind-up robot building kit (which he also really enjoyed). 

ETA:  I forgot to mention he also got the robot quilt I was making for him.  Well, he got most of it and it was in pieces.  Ack!  I had to give him an unfinished quilt.  So so pitiful.  And then I've been so busy with the rest of the birthdays I haven't even been able to work on it.  blech.  Hopefully I'll get it done before he goes to college.

About a week or so after his birthday we finally got around to pulling together a friend's bday party for Sam. Sad, I know. 

I tried to keep it simple and so we had a Robots Movie Party.  We made a robots craft, ate robot cupcakes, opened presents, ate robot snacks, watched Robots, played some robot games and I sent them home with a cute little robot party favor.  And.  I can't say much more than that because I'm planning on writing up some of those ideas for Family Fun (I've been submitting to them quite a bit and they're holding onto a lot of things to see if they'll fit into future issues....yay!).

But here's a shot of Sam enjoying the present-opening time...

Oy, we sure love our Sam.  He is such a fun kid.  He's easy-going and happy. He's a peacemaker.  He's rarely the kid causing trouble.  He's a great helper.  I mean, really this kid is awesome.  I'm so glad this boy is part of our family.


  1. LOVE the tie. What a cute idea! I can't wait to see his quilt too!

  2. Oh and P.S. when did you get the ad? Is it google ads? I'm loving mine. Most of the time it advertises things I love :) So I guess it's ok that I will probably make 2 cents a year ;)