Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Write On Wednesday: Put the Spray Paint Down

YES!  Another themed day. 

Alright, I'm trying to get find my lost writing groove, so I'm reserving Wednesdays for writing and book chatter.  Hopefully it will help get me busy.

Has anyone noticed that I've been doing a lot of crafts lately? A lot of crafts.

Anyone know what I've actually been doing as I've been wielding my glue gun and cans of spray paint?   And please no smart alec responses like "Making stuff!" Anyone know? Hmmmmm? Anyone at all? Yes, you there in the back...

Someone who looks very familiar says, "Obviously you are displaying classic avoidance behavior."

Ok. I recognize you.  It's my subconscious.  Thought I wouldn't know you, eh? Well, no sense trying to sound all smart.  Just spit it out.

"Fine! You're finding things to keep you busy so you don't have to think about writing your novel because you're struggling with the middle and it's really really hard!!" 

Yep. That's it. 

Last night I met with my awesome critique group, The Pub Club.  And I was instructed to "Put the spray paint down."

heh heh. 

Well, I can't promise to completely give up the spray paint or the crafting.  Come on! It's so fun. (And there's isn't a middle part that stumps me!)

But I am going to try to get back to my novel. I've ignored it for too long. 

I asked one of the girls at the restuarant to take our picture, but sadly it ended up all blurry (I turned off the flash...I hate the flash, but it was too dark and I didn't notice).  So, I'll have to settle for sharing a picture of what I order when we meet at The Pastry Pub, the Oriental Salad...

Mmmmm, it's so good. 

The meeting went really well.  I love Lana and Emalee.  We have the best time together.  And we chat about everything! They are brilliant.  

I was hoping our meeting would get me excited about writing again and Yay! it worked. I'm going to be pounding on my keyboard soon.

The Pub Club used to meet every two weeks.  We emailed ten pages of our work to each other a few days before meeting and then we critiqued and discussed.  But about a month ago we decided we each needed to get our current drafts done and then go back to the critiquing. We thought we'd just meet once a month and discuss how it was going. But we realized tonight that none of us have been writing much! We've all been struggling.  So. It's back to the every other week thing. 

I also picked up a piece of this bad boy...

Caramel Tiger Striped Cake. Mmmmmm. And because I love him so much, I shared it with my handsome cowboy. 

Now for my homework.  Every Write On Wednesday I'm going to set myself a goal and then next week I'll have to divulge whether I was able to accomplish it. 

So, my Write On Wednesday Goal #1:  Work on magic training and British dragon scenes (yes. I'm well aware this will only truly make sense to me. sorry 'bout that.)

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  1. I was reading all your crafty posts and wondering how you were finding time to write. I guess you gave me the answer.

    I'm glad your writing group invigorated your drive to write. It's so hard to get out of that slump. I can say that because I'm still in it. Hopefully going back to school will give me the motivation to write; seeing as how my grades will depend on it, I'm sure it will. ;)