Thursday, May 26, 2011

Write On Wednesday: Distractions

Ack! I can't get back into my writing groove. 

And it is because I like to take simple ideas and make them HUGE and DIFFICULT.  blech.  I was planning on making a simple something for Sam for his birthday.  It has morphed into something not so simple.  Here is a taste of what I'm trying to whip up...

10 down. 
3 to go.

Sadly this project will not be finished by Sunday.  I had good intentions.  But *sigh* I like to gum up the works and make everything take FOREVER! My consolation is that I'm pretty sure he is going to adore it. 

So, no writing chatter.  But I sure have been thinking a lot about my WIP.  I've been mulling over an idea I first heard from The Plot Whisperer, which is that your main character's flaw keeps him from getting what he wants.  I've been noticing this in books more and more.  I love it when I start to grasp a concept and see it in action.  Like one book I read last week (and loved!) The False Princess (Brilliant with a capital B), some of the main character's hardships at the end of the book could have possibly been diverted if she had trusted one of the other characters and shared some vital information, but she was unsure she could trust her and she wanted to solve the Big Problem all by herself so she could prove she was useful(that's a flaw) that she didn't let others help her.  And so, of course, trouble came waltzing through her meadow.

The MC in my WIP also has trust issues.  So, I enjoy seeing how other authors go about treating this flaw and how they help their MC work through it.

Some time soon I am going to get pretty tired of just thinking about writing.  I miss it. *sigh*

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