Monday, May 2, 2011

Funday Monday

So, those of you who know me know that I like to have fun. Lots of fun. And I like to laugh.  A lot.  Yep, fun and laughing, that's where it's at.  I especially like to have fun with my family.

I love to dream up new and silly things for us to do.  AND I also like giving the days of the week themes on my blog, so I'm officially declaring today...

Funday Monday!
*insert throwing of confetti and cheers of excitement*

And in celebration of the event, I'm sharing THREE fun ideas.  Alright, let the fun (and laughter) commence!

Funday Monday Idea #1: Give your baby a box of Kleenex and videotape it.

Alright, this was seriously fun. And we laughed A LOT! Years ago someone told me how they gave their baby a box of tissues for their first birthday and let the baby pull them all out.  Brilliant idea, right? So, I suggested Emmett give this to Molly for her birthday.  He picked out a box, wrapped it up and tucked it into her pile of presents. 

I think it was the highlight of the present-opening event...

Funday Monday Idea#2: Make a Present Ball

Alright, I tried to find the link on the Family Fun site, but couldn't track it down. I read about this idea around Christmas last year and decided we had to try it this year.  The idea is to get a small little toy of some sort and then wrap it up with the used Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon.  And then throughout the year you keep adding to the ball with all the wrapping paper from birthdays and such.  So, THEN on Christmas Even you get to play a game with your big 'ole present ball (doesn't this sound AWESOME?!).  I can't remember the idea in Family Fun, but I think it was the sort of thing where one person starts to role a couple dice and try to get, say, a pair of sixes.  Once they get them they get to try to unwrap as much as the present ball as they can before the next person gets a pair of sixes.  The catch is that the unwrapper has to wear oven mitts.  Ha! This will be an excellent source of fun and laughter, right?

Funday Monday Idea #3: Make a  kite

Saturday was the annual Lion's Club Kite Festival.  We'd never gone before and thought it sounded fun. The kids were really looking forward to it.

The day before the big event was Molly's birthday so we didn't have a lot of time to make a kite, but I'll tell you what, my handsome cowboy is the stuff of legends.  I found this website, How to Make a Kite,  that morning and he whipped to the store, gathered up dowels, a couple trash bags, tape and kite string and got busy.  The boys helped where they could. And we cut it really close (they were judging the kites at one in the afternoon) but we made it and got our homemade kite into the air.

If we'd had a little more time, maybe we'd have (hopefully!) thought to pretty it up a bit with markers and streamers. As such, it was The Great Invisible Kite.

Can you see that wee little speck way up in the air? Yep. That's our shockingly amazing kite. It's called a Sled kite.  I can't believe how great it flew! It never crashed once. Not once! It was awesome. 

Ryan can add Impressive Kite-Maker to his resume.   

As Ryan helped the kids get their kites up, I held the string for our homemade one.  The judges came by and asked me about it (they seemed super impressed) and then asked me my baby's name. She was right there with me in her usual spot...

Oh, and it was a super cold and windy day. So Molly was not having the best time even though I had her in four layers! Eventually she conked out and I kept her warm next to me. 

When they announced the winners of the best homemade kite, we were surprised to hear Molly's name blasted across the field.  Ha! She "won" third place!  And when I went up with her to claim her prize the people got a kick sure got a kick out of the judges giving a baby a prize.  She recieved a month pass to the Aquatic Center and a trip to Funtime Inflatables.  And since she already gets into those places free, someone else in the family will get to use them.

And just for the fun of it, here are some other shots of the kids flying their kites...
Weston struggle a bit with his dragon kite. It turned out he just had one piece put together wrong.  It was awesome when he finally got it into the air!

It was a super fun day.  And even though we were freezing, we laughed loads. 


  1. Great ideas....and I love the Kleenex one. I am totally stealing it for my son's first birthday! Great blog and very cute family!

  2. That's awesome that Molly won. Looks like a lot of fun with the kites. I have to say though, I'm shocked that you like to laugh and have fun. Ok, maybe not. :)

  3. These are some great ideas! I was so sad that we couldn't make it to the kite festival- next year- but High five on Molly's kite! I am so going to try the tissue box present- what a fun idea! You are the queen of fun family ideas!- Please keep posting many and many more we love to try them out over here at the humphries home!