Friday, May 13, 2011

The Friday Five: With Stevie Wonder On Piano...

#1: I got word back on a craft  article I'd written up for Family Fun magazine. Snap. They are already working on a similar project. I was *sure* this idea was a good fit for their magazine.  I guess I was right but not fast enough about it! I'm thinking of sending this in to Highlights magazine.

#2: However Family Fun is still considering an Easter craft idea I sent. I stumbled across this idea while at the grocery store.  I saw a small display of plastic Easter Eggs and had a lightbulb moment. 

#3: A couple hours ago I queried the editors on a new idea.  It's one I haven't even made yet! But I wanted to see if they are even interested in it and make sure they aren't doing something similar before I get busy whipping up crafty upcycled fun. It's a really cool idea. It will be interesting to see what they think of this query without a picture of the final craft.  Maybe they'll just delete it!

#4: I was up very late last night working on Sam's Super Secret Birthday Surprise. I finally finished drawing twelve large sketches of (oops can't tell!)...some cool things while watching The Importance of Being Earnest. I love that movie. Love it. "I've always dreamed of loving a man named....Earnest." 

#5: I've been having loads of fun naming things in the fantasy world in my middle grade novel. But I wish I could think of other words for white other than ivory. And other words for black, too.  All I got is ebony.  And then I start singing..."Ebony and Ivory... Work together in perfect harmony...side by side on my piano..."

Can you believe my husband has never heard this song before?  What? Is this not something a handsome cowboy listens to?? Alright. I guess not.

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  1. Erin you are just entertaining!! I don't care who ya are!