Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter Staycation

Usually for Easter we travel to hang out with family, but this year our family's were a bit busy.  At first we considered going camping, but it's still too cold around here at night, so instead we decided to have ourselves a Staycation

We had loads of fun.  Here are some highlights:

A picnic at the canyon park with friends (technically before our staycation actually started)...

Pizza and dying eggs...
Sam is concentrating on getting the
rubberbands on his egg just right.

We tried using crayons on the still hot eggs this year. And that
was Crazy Cool. We'll be doing that every year now.

We love using rubber cement
on our eggs. Love those swirls. 

Zoe was very proud that she didn't break
any eggs!

One of the things the kids were really looking forward to was a trip to the Aquatic Center here in town. That place is super fun. 

Then a cookout out at Three Peaks...

Our monkey hung out in her favorite place.
Well, actually I think she'd rather I'd let
her down in the sand. But then...well...
she probably would have tried eating it.
Yum. Sand-wich.

Ryan found helmets on sale so he bought one
for each of the kids. They look a bit funny, but
it's good to be safe, right? We don't want
anything happening to those precious melons of
theirs. But seeing as I could probably run faster
than he goes on that four wheeler with them, I think
they'll be okay.

We love climbing all over those boulders out
at Three Peaks. So fun.

We ate took many marshmallows, filled up on roasted hot dogs and creme soda, sat around the fire and laughed about everything.

I took Molly for a small four-wheeler
ride. You can tell from her face
how much she liked it.
Hunting for their baskets and Easter eggs...

A trip to Zion National Park...

Molly is reading the map for us.
I'm not sure she's the best choice for our navigator.

This wee girl LOVED riding the shuttle around the park! It was such a novel experience for car seat, she could stand up and see what was going on and climb all over our laps. It was the best.
Those sure are some fun boys!
We checked out the Virgin River on the Riverside
hike and naturally we had to stop to throw rocks in.

Ryan ended up packing Zoe for this hike
She'd fallen on got a wee bitty
scratch on her arm and so, of course,
this made her feet completely unusable.
The hike took an hour. Ryan is a VERY
nice Daddy.

This was taken at the end of the Weeping Rock trail. What a
gorgeous view from there! (and not a bad lookin' fam if I
do say so myself :)

And the ghost town, Grafton...

Zoe was sure there were ghosts lurking in this house.
We had to keep reassuring here there
weren't actually any ghosts in the ghost town!

The church/school

My great-grandparents lived in this small town near Rockville. It's pretty cool to walk around checking out the old buildings and imagining the pioneers living and working there. 

And finally a beautiful Easter morning and church...

Dang. Those are cute kids.

Hmmmmm, I have the best husband.
That's all there is to it.

What a great spring break and Easter!


  1. What a wonderful Family you have here!
    Thank you for stopping by on my blog mandala pendant giveaway ;)

  2. You know, for a staycation, you sure went to a lot of places! ;) It looks like you guys had a ton of fun. We love Zion National Park. My brother worked there for a couple of summers driving the tram, and I would go down with him all the time and ride all day. I loved it, and still do. We can't wait to get down there.

    I'm glad you had fun with all your activities. We still need to get our tails to the aquatic center! I'm such a slacker!

  3. What! No photos of the caterpillars?? I'm a little disappointed :) lol