Friday, April 15, 2011

Insert Clever Post Title Here

I'm not quite sure what this post will be about.  It should be interesting.....or not.

I haven't been working on my novel as much as I'd like to. I'm avoiding it. Currently it feels like that one room in your house that you shove everything into and then ignore. (Instead of one room...we have a whole basement!) I'm in the mucky middle. I'm not totally sure what happens. I know what  my main character needs to learn, but I'm not totally sure how he'll learn it all, what trials he needs to go through or how he'll solve them in order to get stronger.  And in addition to that, his snappy sidekick or co-conspirator...I haven't completely decided what her personality is. So. Her dialogue is never the same. And sometimes she's just plain boring or seems to melt into the wallpaper and no longer exist in the scene.

I've been concentrating on writing craft articles more. Which is fine for now.  I think I just need a wee break from these fantasy characters. I might just let them have a vacation for a few days. Yep. I think they're tired of me ordering them around. When I sit down to the laptop they're probably thinking, "Here we go again. The clueless writer is hear to push us around again."

In other news, I think this skirt Rocks...

made to order Funky Eco Fairy Pixie Mini Skirt

I found it in CreoleSha's shop on Etsy. I've been looking at it and wondering if I could recreate it. Hmmmm, I don't know. But I love her style.

I'm going on a Chess Club Field Trip with my second oldest son, Emmett, this afternoon to the chess center in St. George...

I'm really excited to ride the bus with him and be able to focus my attention on just him for the trip. I'm bringing a notebook so we can play one of our favorite games. What we do is one person makes a doodle. It can be whatever kind of line you want, but it can't connect. And then the other person has to make a drawing out of it. My kids love this!  And I must admit, I first played this game while sitting in church with my older brother, Jeremy. I was always so envious of what he could do with a doodle! Does anyone else play this game?

For the most part, I have no idea who is reading my blog (except for the awesome few who comment). And it surprises me when I'm talking to someone about something and they'll say, "Oh, yeah...I saw that on your blog."

Oh. Cool. I didn't know..... You mean there are more than two people that read this?

So. Ya know. If you feel like commenting and letting me know you dropped by, that would be kinda cool. But no pressure. Whatever.

One last thing. My house is a mess. You know that story about the shoemaker and the elves and how the little creatures would come make shoes for him in the night? Where do you think I could get some of those? Only bigger...and willing to, say...scrub down my house? Maybe wash the windows? Chuck stuff out of that basement?

Spring Cleaning Elves. Yep. That's what I need.


  1. I LOVE that skirt, but I'd have no idea "how" to wear it, meaning what shirt, jewelry, shoes, etc. You'd make it look adorable, and if you find out how to recreate, please let me know. Not that I could recreate your recreation, but you never know.

    Good luck getting through your mucky middle. It'll all work the end. Ha. See, this is why I don't write. ;)

  2. It almost looks like a bunch of handkerchief size pieces sewn under a piece at the top. I would suggest sewing them together at least a little to keep it solid so you don't have to worry when it's blowing in the wind. :)
    Let me know if you find any of those elves. Or just send them my way! And yes, I check your blog all the time. :)

  3. You know I was sure there was one elf up there recently! Didn't that help?

  4. Yes. This is true. That elf was enormously helpful. The problem is that there are massive quantities of litle goblins that counter effect the good said elf accomplishes. And they do it so fast, too!